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Dogs are our friends, sometimes all we have but God had a plan. So God made a dog and in only 2 minutes, you'll see how God outdid Himself and you'll give thanks.


The first video is a takeoff on the Paul Harvey monolog "God made a Farmer". Kleenex required but leave with a laugh and inspiration that if they can do it, so can we!


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under 3 minutes

Subaru's car commercial "Dream Weekend - Bucket List" is heart-warming.  If you have an older dog coming toward the end of his/her lifespan (or even if you don't) this will bring a tear to your eye.

1 minute

Android's "Friends Furever - Be Together, Not The Same" accompanied by 'De-Lally' from Disney's Robin Hood is one of the best animals-getting-along commercials ever!  Humans take note...

1 minute


Before you leave, learn Where Dogs Came From - Adam cried out to God and He answered in this lost chapter from the Book Of Genesis.  P.S. this short article also answers on why God created cats!




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