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Exceptional racing sled dog film of Polar Distance from Denmark shows racing huskies, many of which are also top show dogs


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Coverage by Charlotte Andersen


I have just read your great article and you are quite right, but you can still find old school handling and dog show in Denmark (Europe). I have Siberian Husky and show the dogs much in Denmark and in Europe, but our dog show in Danish Polar Dog club http://www.polarhund.dk/ is as you describe, that it is in the old days. We breed our own dogs, and most kennels have big house with lots of garden or field. We train the dogs yourself and show our dogs. All those who show the Siberian Husky in Denmark, they also train their dogs on long-distance running in the woods or on snow in Sweden, so you could say that we like to show our work dogs, and we like to work our show dogs - and we have fantastic Siberians in Denmark. I just want to tell the story of Denmark, where everything like in the old days, and we love it. Hope you one day come til a show in Denmark, and you will see, that it is the happy owner that show there lovely Siberians - he same Siberian that run 180 km on snow, and the same Siberians that sleep on the sofa.


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Sledding film from Polardistance 2015 in Särna 31/2 minutes


For more coverage and photos of Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes in conformation and sledding; read Dog Show In Denmark



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