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These 3 videos depict needless, tragic shootings; deputy kills woman's Rottweiler guard dog, law enforcement shoots innocent dog coming to his owner's defense and police shoot a man's dog in his own home.  See a grown man cry...


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Responding to a tripped home alarm, body camera footage shows Pasco County Sheriff’s Deputy, Kerry Kempink, shooting Carla Gloger's show-dog-in-training. The metal gate the deputy climbed was clearly posted with signs that said “NO TRESPASSING” and “WARNING PROTECTED BY GUARD DOGS.”  Over several years, the sheriff’s office had been to Gloger’s residence more than 30 times when her alarms accidentally tripped.  Translated, that means they knew, or should have known, that she had trained guard dogs on her property.  A phone call to confirm whether or not there was a problem would have prevented needless tragedy.


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2.5 minutes


Law enforcement officers shooting the dog is so gruesome that we are compelled to warn you

that you will be offended and emotionally distressed after watching.


16 minutes


3 police officers shoot and kill a man's dog in his home.

This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated. 1/18/2018


2 minutes


Responsible trained law enforcement is appreciated by all citizens. It doesn't matter about the owner, the dogs, or the circumstances, this should never have happened. If you haven't read the coverage that led to sharing these videos, click on "Police Shoot Pet Dogs


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