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The Complainant Gets The Punishment - Not Handler Andrew Green


AKC suspends health and fitness celebrity for telling Andrew Green to quit verbally abusing his handler-wife with foul and vulgar language.


Carrie Parma Collier, the wife of Palmer Collier, was being sexually/verbally assaulted by a competing handler, Andrew Green.  According to Mr. and Mrs. Collier, there were multiple incidents over an extended period of time.  Busy with his gymnasium and business Palmer Collier does not attend dog shows.


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Palmer Collier's Nutrition Tips - under 4 minutes


Palmer finally went to a show to warn Andrew Green.  Andrew is the son of Peter Green who was a successful handler but is above all, a gentleman.  He is currently one of AKC's most respected judges.  Peter is in no way associated with his son's actions.


So what did AKC do?  (If you haven't read the full article, the link is below.) AKC suspended and fined the husband, Palmer Collier, the complainant!  The suspension was for his "conduct in connection with North Country Kennel Clubs April 3, 2010 event. Mr. Collier was charged with abusive or foul language/verbal altercation." The Event Committee set the event suspension at 3 months fined the husband $1000, effective July 13, 2010. AKC lists his breed as Dalmatian, which was one 14 year old pet.

Palmer Collier's New Years Resolution Tips For Life - 5 minutes

Palmer Collier's Live News Segment At A Fitness Club - under 4 minutes


Please note, the show was in April, AKC didn't report the suspension until September (when it was still pending appeal), listed the punishment in October and then... AKC did their famous back-track to put the effective date at July.  By the time anyone knew about it in October, the suspension was over and the American Kennel Club had no doubt found good use for the $1,000 fine.  TheDogPress.com reported AKC FINES, SUSPENDS SPECTATOR


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