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Short features on teeth cleaning, bloat,  K-9s in action, vaccine reactions, cropping-docking, HAARP; from Akitas to War Dogs, grab the popcorn and prepare to be entertained with our video information for dog lovers.




Lawyers In Cages

You heard about the 60 second Super Bowl advert but if you missed it, click now and thank and support Humane Watch.


Wild Horse Roundup

The gut-wrenching reality of what happens to wild mustangs in order to preserve grazing land for the steak on your plate.


Wildlands Project - Agenda 21

The United Nation’s plan created in the 80s mandates biological diversity and morphs into…


Bill of Rights For Animal Owners

Stop illegal seizure! Licensed private investigator and Constitutional scholar walks the audience through your God-given and legal rights, one step at a time.


Cropping Ears, Docking Tails

triple feature, view videos and read COMMENTS on how this affects all breeds.


HSUS-IRS Scandal Video

Lois Lerner, IRS Director and HSUS member, she's back in the news.


Police Shoot Dogs

triple feature, 2015 has already produced too many dog shooting videos!


USDA Caters to HSUS

Video of speech delivered by Kansas Senator Jerry Moran (R). Who will inspect YOUR home and kennel?  APHIS opens the door.


HSUS Hires Michael Vick

... to do a commercial against animal cruelty?  What's next!


Breed Specific Legislation

All Breed Judge Fred Lanting responds to reporter's questions.


ALF Sets Fire to Cattle Trucks

Ride with the terrorists as they plot their moves on way to feed lot.



Soldiers and Their Canines

Navy Seal does the impossible with dog aboard, shelter dogs save veterans, K-9 flown home to reunite with handler and he-man soldier with his little bitty dog...


K-9's Honored On Veterans Day

Please contact your state Representative to lobby for National K-9 Veterans Day!


Combat K-9s In Action!

Watch training footage in Afghanistan, Military dogs show their stuff and so do our soldiers in special "uniforms" that protect them from K-9s that mean business.


"MAX" War Dog Drama

Returned to his handler’s family... we must stop killing our war dogs!


The Civil War: Dogs in Battle

Moving historical video of Dogs Of The Civil War.


Marley & Me Dog Drama

A life with a dog, the good, bad, great and sad! We recommend Kleenex.



Cattle Mutilation Explained

Ranchers have been finding livestock dissected, drained of blood, and missing organs, here's a possible solution.


HAARP History & Mystery

5 unique videos show super-secret "weather" weapons research!


Denver International Airport

Sinister Symbolism of death, war, and a New World Order.


Chupacabra Compiled!

Seeing IS believing when all four videos depict the same animal.


Palmer Collier

Complainant gets punishment from AKC, not the handler Andrew Green.


PETA Steals Dog

Security camera clearly shows PETA stealing the little dog right off the front porch.



Star Spangled Banner, 4th Verse

Marine sings the verse today’s politicians don’t want us to know about.


Keeshonden Rescue

Rescuers report New York Governor Andrew Cuomo shutdown a NY puppy mill.


Judge Col. Pede at V-E Day

NBC interviewed on Victory Day at the Capitol flyover.




Harmful EMF's Everywhere

See and hear as EMF detector reveals Electro Magnetic Frequencies in your RV, home, office and smart phone. Nothing for sale, just knowledge and amazement and seeing IS believing!


Vaccine Induced Disease

Dr. Ron Schultz explains new vaccine titer test on how to prevent over-vaccination disease - something so common it has its own name, Vaccine Induced Disease (VID).


Death By Vaccine Induced Disease

Unforgettable video proves widespread veterinary malpractice through over-vaccination resulting in deadly vaccinosis. Watch, learn share with other dog owners.


Akita Going Through Bloat

Excellent learning tool on what to look for and what to do if your dog gets bloat. Roscoe was saved.


Vaccinations, Heartworm, & Lymes

How veterinarians overcharge pet owners by requiring unnecessary and risky vaccinations, heartworm treatment, and Lymes disease test ripoffs.


Video Vaccine Information

Imagine autism, ADHD, paralyzing migraines, kidney disease, seizures in your DOG.


CDC Admits Flu Vaccine Failure!

and former NIH Doctor discusses aspects of the flu vaccine.


Teeth Cleaning

Tooth cleaning without anesthesia? Veterinarians perform dentals with wide-awake dogs.  Inspiring!


Canine Nutrition

Dr. Karen Becker explains why dogs eat grass and sheds some light on the motives behind this popular doggy behavior.


Health Deformities in Purebred Dogs

triple feature because words alone cannot describe what we've done to the dogs we cherish - that's why there's VIDEO.


Prescribing Death - Beware FDA!

Prescribing Death, The sick truth about prescription drugs and vaccines.Stunning 6 minutes on the sick truth of prescriptions and vaccines.


Blasto Virus Attacks Dogs

Record wet weather caused uptick in yeast-like organism.


Genetically Modified Salmon

GMO foods, from salmon to toxic corn, require no FDA labeling.


Hip Dysplasia & Rear Leg Tendons

Diagnostic demonstration to examine your dog's joints! PLUS explanation of leg injuries ie; patella, knee joint, and cruciate ligament problems.


Would You Clone Your Dog?

Dog breeders can preserve can BIS winner you spent a lifetime to produce.



Budweiser Loves Dogs & Horses

Budweiser has always featured dogs with the Clydesdale horses, from Spuds McKenzie to these doggy commercials in VIDEO THEATER, FREE smiles for all!


The Dog Knows 1,000 Words

Chaser, professor John Philly's Border Collie dog, understands verbs and sentence structure. Seeing is believing!


So God Made A Dog

Dogs are our friends, part of the family and often with us for a short time but God had a plan so God made a dog, a Dog's Bucket List, and Animal Friends Furever.


Elephants Don't Forget

Shirley and Jenny reunite after 20 YEARS and you really do have to see this to believe it.  When you see this story, you'll understand why elephants have also served mankind for centuries...Bring kleenex.


UKC Coonhound World Championship

Highlights from the 2014 Coonhound World Championship Finals in Montpelier, Ohio.


Mother Dog Saves Her Puppies

from raging fire by by digging hole and burying her babies.


Siberians Huskies In Denmark

Huskies and Malamutes competing in survival races and dog shows.


FEMA Virus And Riots Alert

U.S. Senator warned of disaster in 2013 but he didn't foresee the CLOUDS forming in 2016...


Plum Island & Biological Warfare

Did Lyme disease, syphilis, and other vectors pollute the CDC facilities?