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SHORT videos on bloat as it happens, Combat K-9s, vaccine reactions, live Chupacabra, teeth cleaning, Biker dog, cloning, cockfighting, fake food, world's smartest dog and..




Man and Dog VIDEO

Grab a Kleenex and watch alone for 95 seconds. No need to thank us, just share it...



FEMA Emergency Alert

Revealed by a U.S. Senator warned of MERS corona virus in 2013, riots and foreign troops on American soil. Now there's the crash-burn-steal riots of 2020.


How Smart Are They?

Great Escape Videos Thanks to animal lovers and owners who proved what we only suspected... Animals are NOT dumb!


So God Made A Dog

Dogs are Man's Best Friends, sometimes all we have. But God had a plan (and a bucket list) so He made a dog and gave us Friends Furever...



Star Spangled Banner, 4th Verse

He was just a 'man in the crowd'; until he stood up and sang The Star Spangled Banner verse you've never heard. Watch the crowd, goose bumps guaranteed!


Critical Puppy Development

5 day old puppy in this video offers incredible "insight"!!!


Cockfighting, U.N. Agenda 21

Traitors who support the Farm Bill, HSUS and Agenda 21.


World's Smartest Dog

The professor who educated Chaser made history ... Seeing is believing in these TWO videos!


The Dog Knows 1,000 Words

Border Collie understands verbs and sentence structure. Video two.



Teeth Cleaning

Prevent bacterial dental infection that leads to heart failure. The carnivore's teeth were made to gnaw RAW bones.


Handicapped Girl's GSD

8 year old paraplegic and 12 week old German Shepherd Dog = MIRACLE!from Germany, watch a miracle unfold in 3 minutes.


Is Your Dog A Democrat?

You love animals, dogs in particular. So what could be political about that?!


Breed Specific Legislation

All-breeds judge responds to Trinidad reporter on Dangerous Dog laws.


Judge Col. Pede at V-E Day

NBC interviewed WWII navigator and revered multi-group dog show judge.


Combat Canines

Military dogs show their stuff with handlers in special "uniforms.


The Civil War Dogs

Dogs in Battle, a moving historical video of Dogs Of The Civil War.


Soldiers and Their Canines

Navy Seal does the impossible with dog aboard, plus he-man soldier with his little bitty dog...


"MAX" War Dog Drama

He was retired with his handler’s family but most war dogs are put to sleep!!!


Genetically Modified Salmon

GMO foods, from salmon to toxic corn, require no FDA labeling.


Would You Clone Your Dog?

Dog breeders can preserve can BIS winner you spent a lifetime to produce.


Budweiser Loves Dogs & Horses

Clydesdale horses, Spuds McKenzie do doggy commercials, we love Bud!


Denver International Airport

Sinister Symbolism of death, war, and a New World Order.


Cockfighting In America

HBO shows viewers one of the oldest sports in the world.


Ridiculous Animal Laws

Only National Geographic could make this short film so, well, ridiculously informative!


Wild Horse Roundup

Gut-wrenching reality of how we preserve grazing land for the steak on your plate.


Cropping Ears, Docking Tails

triple feature, view videos and read COMMENTS on how this affects all breeds.


HSUS-IRS Scandal

Lois Lerner, IRS Director and HSUS member, she's back in the news.


USDA Caters to HSUS

Speech by Kansas Senator Jerry Moran (R) on how APHIS opens the door to YOUR home!


ALF Sets Fire to Cattle Trucks

Ride with the terrorists as they plot their moves on way to attack a feed lot.


Video Vaccine Information

Imagine autism, ADHD, paralyzing migraines, kidney disease, seizures in your DOG.


Vaccine Induced Disease

Dr. Ron Schultz on new titer test to prevent something so common it has its own acronym, VID.


Death By Vaccine Induced Disease

Unforgettable video proves widespread veterinary malpractice through over-vaccination.


CDC Admits Flu Vaccine Failure!

and former NIH Doctor discusses aspects of the flu vaccine.


Vaccine Scam

Cancer causing virus contaminate, they don't work and they are dangerous, but "sheeple" take them anyway!


PETA Steals Dog

Security camera clearly shows PETA stealing the little dog right off the front porch.


UKC Coonhound World

Highlights from the 2014 Coonhound World Championship Finals in Montpelier, Ohio.


HSUS Hires Michael Vick

... to do a commercial against animal cruelty?  What's next!


Prescribing Death - Beware FDA!

Stunning 6 minutes on the sick truth of prescriptions and vaccines.


Blasto Virus Attacks Dogs

Record wet weather caused uptick in yeast-like organism.


Carolina Biker Dog

One cool dude traded a beer for a dog… show this to Animal Rights whackos and watch ‘em go nuts!


Keeshonden Rescue

Rescuers report NY Governor Andrew Cuomo shutdown a NY puppy mill.


Cute Puppy Video!

Foxlair Toy Fox Terrier puppies show off! Violet Denney's "future stars of the show ring"!


K-9's Honored On Veterans Day

Contact your state Representative to lobby for National K-9 Veterans Day!


Harmful EMF's Everywhere

Electro Magnetic Frequencies in your RV, home, office and smart phone.


Roy Rogers & Trigger

Roy Rogers sings "A Four-Legged Friend" while Trigger dances in "The Son of Paleface".


Bears For Bile Medicine

The process of removing gall bladder bile from live bears to be used in TCM will make your heart ache!


Dog Is Served In NYC

NYC Chinese restaurant preparing dog meat, 23 seconds of horror.


Plum Island & Biological Warfare

Did Lyme disease, syphilis, and other vectors pollute the CDC facilities?


HAARP History & Mystery

5 unique videos show super-secret "weather" weapons research!


Hip Dysplasia &Rear Leg Tendons

2 videos on diagnostic examines for HD, patella, knee and cruciate problems.


Vaccinations, Heartworm, & Lyme

Risks of unnecessary vaccinations, heartworm treatment, and Lyme disease test rip-offs.


Canine Nutrition

Dr. Becker explains why dogs eat grass and on the motives behind this popular doggy behavior.


Health Deformities in Dogs

triple feature because words alone cannot describe what we've done to the dogs we cherish - that's why there's VIDEO.


Akita Going Through Bloat

Learn what to look for and what to do if your dog gets bloat. Roscoe was saved.


Dog Stuck In Spare

Veterinarians can't get him free so the fire department comes to the rescue, you have to see this…


Elephants Don't Forget

Shirley and Jenny reunite after 20 YEARS... Bring kleenex.


Mother Dog Saves Her Puppies

from raging fire by by digging hole and burying her babies.


Siberians Huskies In Denmark

Huskies and Malamutes competing in survival races and dog shows.


Marley & Me Dog Drama

A life with a dog, the good, bad, great and sad! We recommend Kleenex.


Cattle Mutilation Explained

Ranchers find livestock dissected, drained of blood, and missing organs - What is it?


Breed Specific Legislation

All Breed Judge Fred Lanting responds to reporter's questions.


Police Shoot Dogs

triple feature, 2015 has produced too many dog shooting videos!


Palmer Collier

Complainant gets punished by AKC but handler Andrew Green goes clear.


Chupacabra Compiled!

Seeing IS believing when all four videos depict the same legendary animal.


Lawyers In Cages

You heard about the 60 second Super Bowl ad, watch it again, and thank the sponsors!


Wildlands Project - Agenda 21

The United Nation’s plan created in the 80s mandates biological diversity and morphs into…


Bill of Rights For Animal Owners

Stop illegal seizure! Licensed P.I. and Constitutional scholar walks the audience through your legal rights.


AR Activist Kills

You know her as The YouTube shooter but she defines radical "animal" rights today.



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