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TheDogPlace video theater uses sight and sound to expand hip dysplasia information and diagnosis of joint lameness, laxity, and evaluating hip x-rays, thereby enabling viewers to better understand hip and elbow dysplasia.


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Outstanding diagnostic demonstration every dog owner should watch! Kudos to the demo dog! (and veterinarian).


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2 1/2 minutes



Excellent explanation of CHD, how to recognize symptoms, lameness, joint laxity demo and X-rays explained.

under 3 minutes



Be sure to watch Rear Leg Tendons and learn about cruciate ligaments and slipped patellas.  There is much to learn and VIDEO Theater makes it easy!


Informative articles on how to prevent slipping patellas, popping hocks, elbow and hip dysplasia in a carnivore genetically programmed for sound joints and strong bones.  And if you have a toy breed, learn more on Knee, Patella and leg injuries


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