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Words alone cannot describe what we have allowed to happen to some breeds. That's why we chose Video Theater to present Part 3 of this series on Dog Deformities.  "Deformed Dogs" is a wakeup call that will give you nightmares.







These videos depict the reason AKC registrations are in the tank.  The AKC has done little to change the public's perception of purebred dogs, a false image created by "animal rights" groups.  Most pure-breeds are healthier than mutts (due to proscribed health certifications) and as revealed in statistical research, including the (instant information) ii UC Davis Study.


This video depicts AKC registered purebred dogs living in horrid conditions even though the American Kennel Club performs breeder inspections.  HSUS's Wayne Pacelle goes on camera and AKC's spokesperson valiantly tries to explain the failures against Rossen's "gotcha" questions. Seeing is shocking but only public rejection of such deformed exaggerations will stop this cruelty.


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The American Kennel Club produced their own video.  Of course the veterinarian and AKC Board spokesperson were scripted and legally prepped but this production does a good job standing up for the integrity of the vast majority of AKC show and hobby breeders. As would be expected, the AKC ignores its long and profitable association with "puppy mills" and its contractual agreement with Petland Pet shops as revealed in exclusive coverage by TheDogPress.com

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The next video is of purebred dogs competing at the world's largest dog show.  The Secretary of the Crufts Dog Show explains health goals and what is being accomplished, followed by a Ch. Bulldog owner who, going over his dog point-by-point, demonstrates the progress already achieved by The Kennel Club (England).

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Read the exclusive Healthy Dogs interview with Meg Carpenterer, Vice Chair of the Breed Standards Committee for The Kennel Club (England).  Mrs. Meg Purnell-Carpenter is a judging observer, an internationally respected breeder-judge and NetPlaces Network contributor.


If you missed part one, read Health Deformities In Purebreds and view the Photo Essay On Canine Health Deformities in Part 2.



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