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In 2013 Genetically Modified Organismsare an everyday reality so we thought you'd like to know what "fake food" is, how it's created and how to recognize GMO foods in the grocery store.


You hear about the overpopulation in dogs and how we have to "do something" which boils down to spaying and neutering everything. The overpopulation problem in pets is a myth but world-wide human overpopulation is real. Population Control measures are already in use but in the meantime, there are $$$trillions to be made by increasing the world's food supply.


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Engineered Salmon 2 minutes


Cloned food is possible but increasing grain harvests and aquaculture through genetic engineering obsesses today's food producers.  It is easier to insert a pesticide right into the grain DNA, thereby reducing cost of spraying food crops.


Simple Science Documentation under 4 minutes


In a perfect (science fiction) world, feeding the masses while reducing their numbers makes sense.  Many believe chemtrails are part of an experimental population reduction plan but the health risks in consuming genetically altered foods have been proven.


One of the biggest achievements in feeding the burgeoning population is aquaculture.  We've cut down thousand-year old redwoods, decimated the rain forests, mined, stripped, and poisoned the earth but not to worry, land is only 29.2% of the earth's mass.  The other 70% is the ocean and we've only begun!



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