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TheDogPlace video theater uses sight and sound to expand articles, thereby enabling viewers to quickly absorb large amounts of information.  First this 2013 FEMA alert and then what IS happening in plain sight, in your sky...





FEMA Emergency Alert for Region III


This youtube video attributed to ND retired Senator warned of potential riots/urban warfare in Region III, (upper east coast) National Guard leaves cancelled,and suggests that the government may release the MERS corona virus. That was in 2013 and thankfully, it didn't happen but it serves as background for what IS happening.  Right now, late 2015.


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6 minutes

Hoax or leak cut off at the source?  We'll never know.  When you watch the CLOUDS video below, think about Dr. Lee's Family Dog Disaster Survival Plan for animal owners.  Hopefully nothing other than weird weather is going to happen but a common sense should prevail, particularly if you have small children or own large breeds.


If you think our leaders aren't aware and focused on disaster survival (for themselves) watch the Denver International Airport video which details the controversy surrounding the airport's symbols, statues, and its underground "city" the size of Manhattan.


In 2015 we decided to look into the geothermic engineering-weird-clouds you've been seeing. The changes in the sky are as astounding as the government's correct assumption that we won't notice and if we do, we're too busy, too swamped with internet lies, and too scared to listen...  Okay, so don't listen.  Just watch the video because seeing really is believing.



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