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Chaser, professor John Philly's Border Collie dog, the dog with a 1,000 word vocabulary, understands verbs and sentence structure. Seeing is believing!


You may have seen this before but watch it again and when you do, think about how much we all underestimate our dogs.  We believe what we've always heard.  Some college graduates even believe it - that only humans can "reason".  Most religions also would have us believe that only people can "think" but if that were so, God wouldn't have bothered to give us dogs.  Enjoy the video.  And next time your dog looks at you with his head cocked and a question in his eyes... speak more clearly.


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How meat-eating wolves helped plant-eating humans evolve into hunters with the most genetically complex brain of any predator. FACTS replace theory of evolution. Click to read more on How Dogs Changed Evolution



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