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Fighting gamecocks is illegal but HBO shows viewers one of the oldest sports in the world, cockfighting; see the event, meet the birds and breeders, then decide.



Cockfighting in America

A Real Sports Segment courtesy HBO


Though it's a crime in all 50 states, Cockfighting is alive and well in America and many other countries.  HBO's 'Real Sports' takes an in-depth look at the underground sport and visits one U.S. Territory where it is not only legal but celebrated.


Meet B.L. Cozad, Constitutional and Bill Of Rights authority, in exclusive footage provided for TheDogPlace.org.  His specialty is roosters but he gives TheDogPress.com readers valuable tools and information to help defend against illegal animal seizures of their show dogs and breeding stock.


"This is the most watched video that's been posted on the HBO Real sports with Bryant Gumbel page in the last two 1/2 days with over 125,000 views 690 likes, 20 loves, 1203 shares, yet some gamecock farmers still promote the run and hide crap that got us into the bad situation in the U.S. that we're in today....


"I imagine that HBO got the video of the raid from the foolish animal cop trying to make cockers look bad but the facilities that they show of my breeding yard are fairly nice and what they show of the place in Puerto Rico will be absolutely beautiful.


"While it seems the interview tries to equate everything to money in a way to make it seem that cockfighters are just after money, you must stop and realize that the purpose of every industry is to make money.........the same is true of the gamecock industry......... that's not a negative thing........


"The government is spending tens of millions of dollars a year to destroy an agriculture industry which generates tens of billions of dollars annually to the American economy.


"For the first time on a widely watched national TV program, we've got good well spoken respectable gamecock farmers that we selected to present our side of the argument, not the morons that 97% of the previous TV interviews have had.  So far it looks like one of the MOST HONEST interviews the gamecock farmers in America have ever had.  Take care and God bless," BL


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B.L. Cozad gives you legal information and tools to protect your dogs from unconstitutional animal seizures. Click to read Impound Defense or Unconstitutional Animal Laws and this must watch Bill Of Rights VIDEO. Stop illegal seizure! Licensed private investigator and Constitutional scholar walks the audience through your God-given and legal rights, one step at a time.



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