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Is cloning a possible solution for dog breeders? See the video of cloned sheep Dolly.  In 2013, it's something that's possible but not probable.


Sure you've wondered.  Is cloning a possible solution for dog breeders? Preserve, in living form, that Best In Show winner you spent a lifetime to breed? Or even the old dog snoozing in your lap.


What will each day be like when they are gone?  Technology has advanced since Dolly the cloned sheep was created, but as of 2013 even though it's possible, it's not probable.  How many surrogate dams do you have?


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Dolly the Sheep by ABC World News Tonight With Peter Jennings Report. 6 minutes


Now five years later (2018), here's How To Clone Your Pet. Your dog is unique and "irreplaceable" but if you have the money and the desire, cloning your dog is now possible.

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