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Fred Lanting, affectionately known as "Mr. German Shepherd," is also an international all-breed judge.  Fred has authored several books on the GSD and CHD (canine hip dysplasia) but he has equal skill with the spoken word as is evident on this short video. 


The TV reporter does her best to trip him up about "dangerous dogs" but Fred's response is inarguable and his comment on the overall ignorance of our elected representatives is especially appropriate.  Before you vote, check Breed Specific Legislation sponsored or supported by your local, state, and national representatives.


Trinidad TV's on-site interview with judge Fred Lanting is more than entertaining.  His succinct insight into dangerous dog laws and breed specific legislation in America is worth quoting.  Listen, enjoy, then feel free to copy this link for YOUR website or legislative group.


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Breed Specific Legislation Interview With Fred Lanting - 7 minutes



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