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Gastric distress can lead to deadly gastric torsion which requires emergency surgery to prevent agonizing death.


This video, courtesy of Akita Rescue, is a priceless learning tool on the risk and danger of bloat.  It shows an Akita in the middle to late middle stages of bloat. Thankfully, Roscoe was saved.  We thank the owners for having the foresight to grab a video camera to record his strange behavior.  As the bloating advanced, they realized something was really wrong and rushed him to the emergency vet.


Many dogs do not survive bloating.  Prevention is the key! Watch the video, then explore the canine bloat and gastric torsion information links below before exiting Video Theater.


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3 minutes

Bloating with gastric torsion occurs more often in large and/or loose-skinned breeds.  Learn why in Gas, Bloat, Gastric Torsion.


Twisted stomachs can even affect toy breeds! Bloat in Toy Dogs documents onset, symptoms, and misdiagnosis in this tragic case.


It happen to any dog - professional handler, Cabral, was benched for neglect after losing a Briard to gastric torsion.

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