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Bill of Rights For Animal Owners

B.L. Cozad Jr. US Army ret SFC, Rights Reporter


Stop illegal seizure! Licensed private investigator and Constitutional scholar walks the audience through your God-given and legal rights, one step at a time.


We are privileged to share this video.  Many of the attendees traveled long distances to attend because Cozad is a well-prepared and popular speaker. He is not an attorney.  He reads the law through the original, incontrovertible laws upon which the United States was founded.


This is private, amateur video so turn your volume up.  Grab the popcorn and beverage, relax and prepare to be prepared (!) should any entity threaten your Civil or Constitutional rights to own/breed your pets or livestock.


Click in center of video to pause or to re-start.  Hit refresh or F5 to stop player.

1 hour 34 minute seminar

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Agenda 21 is a United Nations plan based on One World Order and total government control - in direct contradiction to the Constitution of the United States

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How Agenda 21 affects YOU will get your ears up!

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Tides Foundation

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Military insider on animal rights plans for global control.


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