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Watching the process of removing gall bladder bile from live bears to be used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) will make your heart ache and your brain rebel. See both videos and then act to help stop the cruelty.


Bear Rescue - The first video shows bears being rescued and receiving their first “taste” of kindness.

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1:16 minutes


The second video, Bile Being Drawn, only sound at first, then if you're still there, share this video clip to publicize and ask for help to stop this horrible practice… Please let the TheDogPlace editor know if your Breed or Kennel Club, facebook or rescue group will become involved in exposing this gruesome cruelty for which there is NO medical benefit.

30 seconds


If you missed the story read Bear Bile for Medicine on this unspeakable practice. And Drone Operator Attacks Baby Bear, this shows the stupidity of humans to get "that shot" but ends happily.

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