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TheDogPlace video theater uses sight and sound to enable viewers to quickly absorb large amounts of information.  This 8-minute video collection of animal suicides will fill your senses and make you think about the message fish, birds, and even our dogs are sending.





Thought-provoking video clips of animals committing suicide as the self-preservation instinct goes awry in birds, fish, bears, even dogs, whales and dolphins.


What would cause any animal to commit suicide? You might think of lemmings jumping off ocean cliffs to fall to their death by drowning. Lemming suicide was a mythical misconception born of stupidity and capitalized upon by Disney Studios which faked the scene for the 1958 movie White Wilderness.


Among the most highly developed mammalian brains, dozens of dolphins commit mass suicide as beach-goers struggle to help. Animal researchers said it was a magnetic disturbance in the brain (see EMF below) which affected the extraordinary navigational powers of the dolphin, whale, and migratory bird species.


The last video is about the Dog Suicide Bridge in Milton, Scotland as featured on Science Channel. Even today, dogs repeatedly leap to their death from this Scottish bridge and science can not explain it.


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about 1 minute

Animals do not kill themselves, indeed, they have an incredibly strong will to survive.  So as you watch these video clips of animals attempting suicide, ask yourself what could possibly cause that powerful self-preservation instinct to go awry?  Can an animal go "crazy" attempting to flee whatever is attacking its CNS (central nervous system)? You decide.

about 4 minutes

about 3 minutes

Some researchers say that inexplicable global animal deaths are the result of population control in the testing stage.  Now that seeing is believing, read more on HAARP Caused Animal Suicide? and HAARP Plays Global Death.


And see HAARP History-Mystery Video Collection 5 extraordinary (short!) best-pick videos including expose by CBC (Canada) on HAARP mind control weapons capability, the History Channel on HAARP weather control and Soviet science, extraordinary cloud "crop circles" and "holes in the sky" plus scientists dissecting porpoise burned to death by flaming tornado attributed to HAARP weather experimentation.

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