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He was just an old ‘man in the crowd’ until he stood up and sang The Star Spangled Banner verse you’ve never heard. Watch the crowd, goosebumps guaranteed!




Terrorists, the economy, health care, and offending our allies might make us forget why we celebrate the day we declared our Independence and the men and women who fought to give us that right. We may be stressed, distressed, and sometimes discouraged but we are Americans. We’ve been there, done that. We will persevere. And it will be because of people like this U.S. Marine.


He was just "a man in the crowd" until he stands up and sings The Star Spangled Banner verse that today’s politicians don’t want us to hear.  Watch the crowd when you play it the second time.  Goosebumps guaranteed!  You will be a proud American. We hope the feeling lasts all year!


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Retired Marine sings what is actually the 4th Verse of The Star Spangled Banner - 2+ minutes

Our media department never misses the ball.  Turns out, there are four verses that you might not know about. For your "information" here are the rest of the lyrics.  ii Star Spangled Banner



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