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Terrorists, the economy, health care, and offending our allies might make us forget why we celebrate the day we declared our Independence and the men and women who have given us that right. We may be stressed, distressed, and sometimes discouraged but we are Americans. We’ve been there, done that. We will persevere. And it will be because of people like this U.S. Marine.


He sings the Star Spangled Banner verse that today’s politicians don’t want us to hear.  Watch the crowd when you play it the second time.


This is not about political parties. We hope you will join us in celebrating our freedom. Goosebumps guaranteed! For 90 seconds, you will be a proud American. We hope it lasts all year!


July 4th or not, watch and hear what makes us free.  Then wonder why you've never heard this Star Spangled Banner 4th verse.


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Marine Sings the missing 4th Verse of The Star Spangled Banner - 2+ minutes


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