Core Vaccines protect pets but non-core vaccines or over-vaccination can cause immune system and brain damage in humans and animals



DO VACCINES CAUSE CANCER?"The Jab" is high profit for the veterinarian because it often leads to serious immune system breakdown and/or neurologial damage


A study of top 10 canine health concerns reveal epilepsy and canine cancers; both linked to canine immune system dysfunction, often caused by over-vaccination, i.e. vaccinosis.




by Barbara J. Andrews Editor/Publisher


The top 10 canine health concerns compiled by the AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) are shockingly indicative of the vaccine damage we have warned of since the 1980s!



  1. If your dog shows symptoms of any of these top ten health problems, take him to a good vet because health issues like epilepsy, allergies, thyroid imbalance, dysplasia, and bloat can be managed or prevented; Lymphoma (cancers) and cataracts may need surgery.Epilepsy

  2. Hip Dysplasia

  3. Bloat

  4. Hemangiosarcoma

  5. Lymphoma (tied for 4th place in the list)

  6. Osteosarcoma (tied for 5th place)

  7. Allergies (also tied for 5th place)

  8. Hypothyroidism (also tied for 5th place)

  9. Patella Luxation (tied for 6th place)

  10. Cataracts (tied for 6th place)


6 or more of the top 10 concerns listed (epilepsy, dysplasia, cancerous tumors,  lymphoma, osteosarcoma, and allergies) may be linked to a compromised immune system directly caused by over-vaccination? Vaccines such as rabies can have immediate adverse reactions whereas yearly booster shots have been directly linked to cancer and other diseases of the immune system. 


Any lay person who has watched the list of dog diseases increase ten-fold over the last twenty years would say “definitely yes!” but we sought the professional opinion of the nation’s leading authorities on vaccine-induced disease.

Meet the Editor and Author Barbara J. "BJ" AndrewsThe editor asked Dr. Patricia Jordan for comment, prefacing the request with the observation that people unconsciously blank out vaccine information even with proof of the damages. It’s as though automatic denial will prevent it from happening to their beloved dog; that they couldn’t be contributing to making their animals sick, even to causing early death. Of COURSE they don’t want to hear it. Parents are especially defensive when it comes to human vaccine risks. We just have to keep pecking away at their consciousness until one little thing hits home.

Here are 10 BIG things, any one of which could penetrate animal owner or parental blocking defenses. From this list, I would personally lay bloat at the feet of commercial dog foods but knowing that lepto vaccine can cause blue eye in puppies, I wonder if the vaccine could be related to juvenile cataracts and other eye problems? If so, that leaves only two orthopedic problems that escape the potentially dangerous side effects of vaccines.



Dr. Jordan replied, “I am working on a case right now with a 3 year old Boxer presented to emergency 21 days after rabies vaccine with a huge hemangiosarcoma on the spleen which was surgically removed. The owners had to get the shot to move to Australia. The dog has had other (rabies shots) and so would not even have needed the vaccine if the titers were accepted. This dog is classic of how the antigens from vaccines bypass all normal routes and go directly into the blood and cause heat toxin defiling of the blood and stagnation leading to the cancer.

Some breeds are more predisposed to ischemic skin disease and dermatomyositis, German Shepherds (as shown in photo) collies, Shetland sheepdogs, etc.“You are correct that the vaccines may be responsible for (most of) the top ten reasons an animal presents to the vet. I have laryngitis from trying to tell everyone because I know the pathways and see the pathology on a daily basis. The fact that these truths are ignored does not make them go away... Patricia Jordan, DVM, VND, CVA, CTCVM & Herbology”


Another emerging disease associated with over-vaccination is Ischemic Skin Disease and if that doesn't sound like much, take a look at this photo and imagine how painful the pustules and infected skin must be.  The blood vessel walls actually leak. 

As a breeder, I hope vets will acknowledge and study the concerns of show breeders who are working to create healthy breed-typical puppies. More breeders are rethinking the validity of booster shots and thankfully, veterinarians are also becoming better informed. Talk to your vet about repeated puppy shots and boosters.

Some states have progressed to three-year rabies booster requirement. If your state isn’t one of them, get informed and get involved! From the very beginning, TheDogPlace has supported the heroic efforts of Kris Christine and the brave vets who went against mainstream thought to bring about the Rabies Challenge Fund.

If your dog has any of the health problems listed above or if as a breeder, you share these concerns, you are encouraged to explore the most comprehensive and candid vaccine information available.  Go to Vaccine Information Index and if you haven't yet heard about vaccinosis, don't miss Drs. Bloomer & Thomason's May 2011 series on Canine Vaccinosis 1210


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