Core Vaccines protect pets but non-core vaccines or over-vaccination can cause immune system and brain damage in humans and animals "The Jab" is high profit for the veterinarian because it often leads to serious immune system breakdown and/or neurologial damage


Lyme Disease Linked to Sudden Aggression


Sudden, inexplicable "bursts of fury" in both humans and dogs cause clinicians to coin the new term "Lyme Rage Syndrome."






Canine Lyme disease can cause neurological damage and aggression misdiagnosed as rage syndrome in dogs or mental-emotional disorders in humans.


Dogs can become aggressive for no apparant reasonSudden, serious aggression in a previously well-mannered dog or person may be a reaction to Lyme vaccine instead of the actual Lyme disease.  If untreated, Lyme disease can result in neurological disorders, peripheral neuropathy, Bell's palsy, etc.


Routine antibiotic treatment is not always successful after diagnosis of outward physical symptoms such as the classic Lyme rash. It may take months for aggression, irritability, forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating or other symptoms of mental disorder to manifest. Remember, the Lyme spirochetes attack the brain.  The American Academy of Neurology lists Lyme disease symptoms as "changes in cognitive function such as thinking, reasoning ..."


Other medical sources list "depression, bipolar disorder, panic attacks, weakness, memory impairment, dyslexia, seizures, anxiety, panic attacks and psychosis" and other classic symptoms of neurological disorders.  You can communicate with family member and possibly associate weird symptoms. But how can your dog tell you he is suffering such disorders?  You may think he's just being a "bad dog"...


"Rage Syndrome" affects all breeds, from Airedales to Yorkies. Why do veterinarians point out that uncharacteristic and sudden aggression is more common in purebred dogs?  Answer: Purebred dogs are more likely to receive a full barrage of vaccines, including Lyme vaccine.  And further complicating the statistics, when a "mixed breed" mongrel suffers from sudden unprecedented aggression it is more often euthanized or dumped at the shelter than is a purebred dog.


When this was first compiled in early 2011, we were only beginning to learn about excitotoxins in dog foods causing behavioral anomalies but we had long been aware of sudden aggression as a reaction to certain vaccines known to affect the neurological system.  We do not excuse aggressiveness but it is our duty at to present this information about the potential behavioral affect of Lyme Disease vaccines including otherwise inexplicable symptoms of neurological disorders.  If knowledge can save one dog from being PTS (killed) when in fact, it needs veterinary treatment, we will have done our job.


Lyme Vaccine Background

Some thirty years ago a certain pharmaceutical company charged that a competitor had released a vaccine for Lyme Disease before it had ever been diagnosed in the canine.  At that time, Lyme Disease was extremely rare. The tick-born illness was first diagnosed in humans in 1975 but not until about 1984 in the dog. We refer you to the reference links below for information on the origin of Lyme Disease and the possible connection to the Plum Island research facility near Lyme, Ct.


Dog owners, frightened by pharmaceutical hype, rushed to vaccinate their pets against Lyme Disease.  Dog bite statistics are unreliable so we can't correlate the vaccine epidemic to increased aggression or dog bite statistics (see below) but Lyme vaccine today is a non-essential, “non-core vaccine”.  AMVA released the now-famous list of core and non-core vaccines in 2006 when the veterinary associations, red-faced and forced to admit unnecessary, risky vaccines had been widely recommended, finally relented to public exposure.


A large part of that exposure and pressure was due to Project 2000: Vaccines (quick peek window) launched by this site and referenced by dozens of veterinary, medical, and other professional sites.


Lyme Disease & Lyme Vaccine Aggression

There appears to be a direct association between Lyme vaccine aggression[5] neurological disorders, and the unprecedented rise in school shootings and Dog Bite Statistics (1955 to present) (quick peek window) as evidenced in (offsite)


Dr. Patricia Jordan reports "The neurological manifestations with Lyme disease or with Lyme Vaccine Disease have a wide range of symptoms; mood disturbance, confusion, depression, anxiety, and adjustment syndrome as the spirochete is known to penetrate the pituitary gland." see ref. links below


This situation begs for study and input from those who, upon reflection, may have experienced inexplicable "bad temper" or aggression which their vets did not relate to a recent vaccination.  Here is an example from Peppertree Rescue.


…MOJO had continued to do well, extremely well after his treatment for Lyme disease which seemingly eradicated his sudden and serious aggression. (But then) his behavior spiraled downhill badly.  The first (and second) episode were inexplicable and frightening.


One of our volunteer's sons (around 10 - 11) was walking with his father, who had Mojo, and all was fine. (The son) turned to leave and Mojo launched himself at the boy, growling and clearly intending to do harm.  The father stopped him of course and Mojo settled down again, tail wagging, 'smiling' at Garrett – the same nice dog he'd been before.  But when Garrett again turned away to go elsewhere, Mojo did it again -- launched himself after him trying to attack.


One of our volunteers discussed this with her vet, who had been to a Lyme conference and learned that Lyme positive dogs often exhibit "rage syndrome" as Lyme spirochetes attack their neurological system turn them ... into a sporadically - unpredictably - dangerous dog.  Heartbreaking.


Betsy Sommers, Peppertree Rescue, Albany, NY


For more information read PLUM ISLAND: THE MYSTERIOUS HISTORY OF LYME DISEASE If you wonder why America has suffered so much "madness", violence and school shootings since 2017, it might help to understand the impact Lyme Disease and the plethora of vaccines have had on humanity. It is also significant that compulsory vaccination mandates have spread through state school systems... like a virus...

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Aggression & Lyme

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