Core Vaccines protect pets but non-core vaccines or over-vaccination can cause immune system and brain damage in humans and animals


"The Jab" is high profit for the veterinarian because it often leads to serious immune system breakdown and/or neurologial damage



Parvovirus vaccine history and Parvo shot information reveals the dark side of the pharmaceutical industry.


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Another Vaccine in Shot In The Dark

Barbara "BJ" Andrews Publisher,


What are parvovirus symptoms? Why is "parvo diarrhea" so deadly? Will parvo vaccine protect my dog? Do I have to give my puppy a parvo shot? Can people catch parvovirus?


How can parvovirus erupt simultaneously on two continents, one having strict animal quarantine?


The answer to the last question can scare you to death but the other questions are easy.  Parvovirus symptoms take two forms, respiratory-heart failure and the intestinal form which causes vomiting with severe bloody diarrhea that has the characteristic "parvo-poop" odor of decaying flesh as the intestinal lining sloughs off.  Parvo is quick and deadly.  It is rare now, presumably due to parvo vaccine in puppy combo-shots.  Parvovirus is contagious to humans (Ref #1) even though it has mutated into various strains.


Parvovirus and Feline Leukemia Vaccine

Canine parvo virus is eerily similar to feline panleukopenia and in fact, its connection to feline fever is inescapable. In 1980 I followed the story of a no-kill cat rescue that administered the new feline leukemia vaccine with the result that the percentage of affected cats soared! The carefully documented leukemia vaccine failure didn't raise an eyebrow in the veterinary community. That's because in 1980 there was no internet and not much in the public domain about ii vaccine-induced disease but this was much more than vaccine failure.


The outbreak in a closed colony was undeniably precipitated by administration of the new feline leukemia vaccine.  Of more significance, it signified that a vaccine meant to prevent disease could actually cause the disease. It should have been in all the veterinary journals and I found it odd that it was totally ignored by the veterinary community.


Packrat that I am, the feline leukemia story went in my Curiosity File, later to become a column for the The Dog, the first canine newspaper.  Published by Holly Meier, The Dog was the undisputed leader in news reportage before Ric Routlege started the Canine Chronicle, for which I subsequently wrote.


Then Came Parvovirus Vaccine

When parvovirus first broke out, there was of course, no vaccine.  Not to worry, ironically, vets were told to protect from canine parvovirus by administering feline leukemia vaccine.  Huh! They must have gotten a pharmaceutical company bulletin.  I reported the failures and serious side effects of the feline vaccine in the January 1981 issue of The Dog, thus becoming the first dog fancy journalist to report on vaccine failure.


Referring to the feline leukemia outbreak in the cat rescue, I even went so far as to suggest that the feline leukemia vaccine induced disease and warned that the first parvo shot was a feline derivative. That first parvovirus vaccine may have prevented more deaths than it caused, but who would know - there were no reporting requirements back then, not even for Adverse Reactions.  What we do know is that the feline leukemia vaccine not only caused or allowed parvovirus breakthrough, it was directly related to reproductive failure and a high rate of C-sections in free-whelping breeds.


Fellow columnist Robert Erbeck, DVM went deeper into the parvo mystery.  He speculated that canine parvo virus was of laboratory origin, postulating that parvovirus could not have just “mutated” at the Collie Nationals as was claimed.


Parvovirus In England?  No Way!

Our suspicion was quickly confirmed when I learned from my good friend Meg Purnell-Carpenter, who owned one of England's largest quarantine facilities, that parvo virus had in fact erupted almost simultaneously in the U.K. I called Dr. Erbeck and we speculated on how a lab experiment gone awry in the States (which we believed to be the case) could have simultaneously spread the parvovirus to Europe?  Of course, that was impossible.  Even if a tiny little dog had flown directly from the collie show to the U.K. and been somehow smuggled into England, it could not have immediately passed infected hundreds of dogs with parvo virus!


Remember, in 1981, intercontinental animal transport was extremely uncommon and particularly to England due to quarantine restrictions. For the "collie story" to have been true, multiple dogs would have had to board flights to the U.K., evade the rigid quarantine system, and spread the parvovirus all across England. Other vets warily agreed that the sequence of events "strongly indicated" that parvo came from a test tube and had been disseminated through some means other than a few dozen collies at a single show. Incredibly, the "Collie National" as the source of parvovirus is still to be found in old literature and even on websites that unknowing keep the lie alive.


In order to believe any pharmaceutical company would deliberately infect people or animals in order to market a vaccine, one has to understand that all of this was two decades before thinking people became suspicious about the origins of all the "flu bugs".  Swine flu, bird flu, etc. purportedly came from China but had yet to strike the human population.


A Word About Lyme Disease Vaccine:

The subsequently released canine derivative parvo vaccine was safer. In fact, it was so successful that, predictably, a wave of new vaccines came on the market. But with the new vaccines came concerns. A few years later, Dr. Erbeck’s theory was strengthened when a well known pharmaceutical company alleged that a competitor had released a Lyme disease vaccine prior to any known or confirmed case of Lyme disease in the canine. Lymes was first diagnosed in humans in 1975 but not in dogs until 1984 after the canine vaccine became available. 


The history of Lyme Disease and the likelihood of the lab-created disease having been released into the deer population at the infamous Plum Island Germ Research lab may take you deeper into the conspiracy theory than you want to venture.


What About Combination "Puppy Shot" Vaccines?

This post to TheDogPlace may answer that question. "I operate a puppy rescue shelter. My question is this. We have had a terrible bout with sickness for about the last three months. I did not think that it could be vaccine related until I read your article. I don’t loose a puppy easily. The symptoms ranged from mild to fatal intestinal distress, just like Parvo, and also heart symptoms. Parvo was diagnosed on a few occasions. Antibiotics had no effect at all. Some pups have come down within days of their second vaccination and that has NEVER happened here. We take extreme cautions, the property is Cloroxed daily, as well as all kennels and play areas. New puppies are isolated for at least three days. Could this problem be vaccine related? I didn't have much of a problem before I started using the Intervet vaccine."


I directed her to more data on ii vaccine reactions and vaccine failure.  What we now know is that vaccine induced disease became so common that by 2009 veterinarians gave it the acronym: ii VID


Noting mysterious outbreaks such as SARS, Legionnaires Disease, and the cruise ship malady, Norwalk Virus, a reasonable person would begin to question everything we thought we knew about vaccines. We might also wonder which of the required childhood vaccines are worth the risk. In May 2003, it was quietly reported that a significant number of vaccinated servicemen developed smallpox. As word spread, some ii soldiers refused the vaccine but we are grateful to our brave military personnel who accepted the vaccine risk as small compared to the bullets and IEDs they faced for our country.


Core and Non-Core Vaccines

American Animal Hospital Assoc. (AAHA) and The American Veterinary Medical Assoc. (AVMA) finally caved on the dangerous (but highly profitable) practice of over-vaccination. (Ref # 2) The new "core" and non-core protocol would never have emerged had it not been for this website and subsequently, my friend Kris Christine's Rabies Challenge Fund.


The current official recommendation is that only three “core” vaccines; distemper, adenovirus-2, and of course rabies, be given to puppies or dogs with uncertain vaccine backgrounds according to this vaccination schedule (Ref # 3). Non-core vaccines are to be judiciously administered because the diseases they protect against are self-limiting or treatable. They are as follows: parvovirus, canine parainfluenza virus, leptospira (for which the protection only lasts 6 months anyway) bordetella (kennel cough) and Lyme disease - See Plum Island (below) for the ugly truth on Lyme disease.


As you read more about vaccines, you'll realize that getting truth into the public domain has been about as easy aiming at a snake's eye in a dark cave. Yeah, it’s a shot in the dark and those who dare to take it know the bullet could ricochet.  Even so, vaccine knowledge and risk vs. benefit has been forced to the forefront by brave veterinarians.


Take heed but for the dogs you love, and take careful aim with the needle because canine vaccines are a shot in the dark!


ref #1 Nat. Institute Of Health > "Human parvovirus B19"




For more on laboratory-created disease, have a chat with Robin Cook, author of Contagion, or visit one of these sites History Of Canine Flu Vaccine and the fascinating report on Lyme Disease History - Plum Island Government Research

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