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Teach my dog to come when called? Yes! Learn more from this short, simple "what-not-to-do" training lesson than anything the trainer may teach, guaranteed to work!





by Kim Dean


Pet owners will learn more from this lesson than anything the trainer may teach, guaranteed to work!

  • Say ‘come’ and not be willing or able to enforce it.

  • Expect your dog to know what come means without teaching it.

  • Call your dog to you when you are going to correct (punish) him for something.

  • Correcting your dog when he finally does come to you.

  • Run after your dog, chasing him, yelling come, sit, stay, etc.

  • Calling your dog to you and immediately doing something unpleasant like trimming his nails, giving him medication, or putting him somewhere when you leave.

  • Only calling your dog at the end of a walk to put his leash on and go home.

  • Never calling your dog during walks just for the fun of it.

  • When your dog steals something, chase him, preferably yelling.

  • Let your dog go 20 feet away before he’s mastered coming to you at 19 feet.

  • Let your dog bolt through doors or gates without thinking.

  • Let your dog play with other dogs in the park without being able to call him back and only calling him at the end of the play session to be leashed and taken home.

  • Catch your dog when you are mad and let him go thinking you’re still mad.

  • Not calling your dog when he is looking at you.

  • Calling your dog away from something he is enjoying and not rewarding him enough.

  • Repeating calls over and over again until your dog is bored.

  • Not calling your dog for dinner, walks or good times.

  • Make it hard for your dog to be successful, making it easy for him to fail.

  • Ignoring your dog when he comes to you.

  • Only rewarding your dog with “good dog” when he comes to you (TREATS!!!).

  • Not rewarding your dog on walks when he turns around to look at you.

There is one more thing you need to know about getting your dog to come when called.  Again, simple basic understanding of how dogs learn RESPECT from the time their eyes open.


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