Dog Training, Obedience & Manners


Basic Obedience = life insurance for your dog! Heel, sit, stay training can mold your dog into a life-long family friend. The first few weeks are a fleeting, precious time during which you shape behavior and habits.





Investing just ten minutes per day in puppy training pays years of dividends.  Obedience training insures his quality of life (and yours) and if there's an unexpected life-crisis, what you do now guarantees him a future with new owners who will treasure him.


"Heel, Sit, Stay, Come" is like giving your dog a life insurance policy

Bullet & Trigger

Take a short walk down memory lane, view the best in dog training, then COMMENT as you enjoy the music and VIDEO.


New Puppy Report

What instructions do you give new owners? Here is a well-informed owner.


Train Appropriate Barking

Master trainer takes you inside puppy’s head to proper "watchdog" response.


Dogs React To Facial Expressions

University study confirms what dog trainers have always known; dogs love happy faces and fear frowns but did you know about eyes???


Why Dogs Sniff Butts

Humorous insight on why sniffing is more than a social greeting and dominant rank display.  What dogs can detect.


How Dogs Communicate!

How to recognize tail carriage signals and teach him when to bark...


Free At Last!

Amazing story of a handicapped woman, the trainer, and the horse that gave her four legs instead of two.


Why Dogs Pass Gas

A high octane story about an odoriferous situation.


Pit Bulls are “Dangerous Dogs?”

If you own or live with any inherently aggressive dog, read this Pro Trainer's candid, realistic TRAINING LESSON.


Dog Stars Trainer

Movie and TV Dog Trainer shares training secrets and great moments with famous movie stars.Teaching sit-stay obedience command


Dog Training Bells & Whistles

Top professional trainer helps you choose the right training aid.


Basic Training

How to start simple, basic dog training classes with local friends; no pressure, great fun and a useful activity for all!


Training The Older Personal Dog

Missed opportunity recovered! Convert an older dog into a special friend.


Air Force Dog Training

Why are most obedience trained dogs so unreliable? Here's the answer your dog has been waiting for YOU to learn!


Value Dog Training!

Christmas Contest Winner offers value and knowledge on training your dog regardless of where you live - don't miss this!


Housebreaking Puppy

to help house train you must have a good supply of pee-pee padsIt's the first thing puppy must learn, is critical to his survival as a house dog. How to potty train a puppy in 4 days.


Dog Training Methods

Every breed should shine in Obedience if trained according to its genetic heritage.


Training The Personal Dog

You know what you want and need, so it's time to develop your Personal Dog.


Teach Your Dog NOT To Come!

You will learn more from this dog training lesson than anything the trainer may teach, guaranteed to work!


Obedience Based on Respect

All young animals learn respect, then humans allow them to forget and forego dog training!


Proof Dogs Can Reason

Genius professors say “animals can’t reason” and accuse dog owners of attributing human emotions to our dogs but...


Practice Makes Perfect

How to prevent or handle dreadlock.  Why a puppy “shuts down” and what NOT to do, especially at a dog show.


Taking Your Dog

Professional traveler shares all the things you wish you’d thought about to make traveling with your dog fun instead of stressful.


Rattlesnake Warning

International dog judge shares a humorous lesson in safety and voice commands that could save your dog’s life – and your peace of mind!


Cargo Shipping A Dog

Expert info on preparing your dog for the flight, in-cabin or in the cargo bay.


Rescue Bent & Dent Sale

As a retired dog trainer, I am appalled by the public’s lack of knowledge about owning a dog because no one is helping them.


Pets Are Fast Food For Predators

How to avoid wild animal attacks as we encroach further into their shrinking habitat, real-life examples, horrific reminders.



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