ANIMAL RIGHTS TERRORISTS are more dangerous to animal owners than any disease today


Animal Rights Terrorists


When HUMAN and ANIMAL RIGHTS Collide... engineered by Animal Rights groups such as ALF masquerading as Animal Welfare in collusion with ELF order to destroy Human Rights, there's bound to be an explosion...



ALF & ELF: The Future Is Here

by Roberta Lee, DD., PhD., ND. TheDogPlace Science Editor


Microchipping, nanotechnology and genetic engineering in the hands of ALF and ELF is as deadly to us as the “ink-bomb” terrorists from Yemen.


Dr. Roberta Lee, D.D., Ph.D., N.D.The Animal Liberation Front, along with their comrades, the Environmental Liberation Front, now seek to destroy us genetically.  ELF is #1 on the FBI’s Domestic Terrorist list.  Are you, as an animal lover, watching these terrorists?


You should be. Like the “animal rights” movement, they were created to destroy our American way of life. More slowly than a terrorist bomb, but just as effectively chipping away at our Liberties and ultimately, our genetic code. I am moved by the following excerpt from the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) website: Jewish writer Hanna Arendt once wrote of the ‘banality of evil’ “most of the Nazi bureaucrats who actually organized the human holocaust were not sadistic psychopaths in the usual sense of the term. Many were devoted husbands, loving fathers and cultivated family men. They were motivated by a distorted sense of duty rather than a relish for bloodshed or suffering for its own sake…”

This is said by a member of the ALF as though it would excuse the participation of these individuals in the extinction of millions of Jewish people. Excuse me, does that mean if I am a good mother it will excuse me if I commit atrocities? Does that mean that we are supposed to ignore the act, because the perpetrator is a good person sometimes?



The Animal Liberation Front asks the question “Would global veganism ensure a cruelty-free world?” They answer in the negative but then go on to explain that life as a state of Nature is no kinder than an act of barbarous abuse by Man.

MICROCHIPPING, NANONTECHNOLOGY AND GENETIC ENGINEERING IN THE HANDS OF ALF AND ELFTalking over most anyone’s head but sounding very authoritative, ALF tells us “…the Hedonistic Imperative argues that the only long-term way to abolish the ghastliness of suffering on a planetary scale is to eradicate our biological roots. This can be done only by using genetic-engineering and nanotechnology. This major transition in the evolution of life will replace the DNA-driven pain of our evolutionary past.”

There they have told you what they are going to do. What they mean is that by tampering with your DNA and your brain, you will forever walk around looking like one of those big yellow smiley faces. I don’t like problems in my life any more than the next person, but without the downs, how will we ever recognize the ups? Don’t smile agreeably, this is serious stuff. Let me continue and you’ll understand.

“Some people who care deeply about animals are still shocked at the implications of such an ambitious species-project. Many animal-lovers would oppose the loss, for instance, of the symbolically-charged big predators... Indeed to anyone of a humanistic or spirituo-religious disposition, (they say this like it is a bad thing) the blueprint to put an end to the primeval DNA regime might seem the vision of a soulless technocrat. The much advertised “Death of God” shouldn’t spell the loss of paradise, too; and there is only one scientifically literate way its promise is ever going to be realized.”

High brows love talking like that but having been educated by them, allow me to again translate. What they are saying is that they are going to take over all of humanity and decide which species is allowed to survive and which do not. The ones that survive will not survive intact. They will be genetically altered. How you might ask? I did. If I am going to have my brain or my DNA altered, or that of my grandchildren, then I want to know how and why. Here is what the ALF says about that.



“For just as the smallpox virus was systematically hunted down to extinction, so the precise molecular signature(s) of aversive experience and its predisposing genes can predictably be hunted down and wiped out as well. The systematic application of nanotechnology, self-reproducing micro-miniaturized robots armed with supercomputer processing power, and ultra-sophisticated genetic engineering, perhaps using retro-viral vectors, will assure the eradication of the root of all evil in its naturalistic guise.”

Sounds like a science fiction movie plot but what they are planning to do is to put a supercomputer robot chip (microchip) in your brain to control your DNA. This is already possible. It would alter your personality; eradicate all aggression. Now, before you say that is good, think about it. If you had no aggression whatsoever, you couldn’t stand up for what is right. You would never argue, let alone fight back against such things as I am explaining to you here and now. We would all be obedient smiley faces. In other words, they are going to alter your personality to suit their purposes and once it begins, there will be no way to stop it.

Is this what you want for your children? Altering human DNA through genetic engineering must be faced and stopped now before we find ourselves in a situation that we can’t correct. If you don’t take them seriously, read the next part of ALF’s material.


“In the future, the life-forms which exist on the planet will be there purely because we allow them to exist or we choose to create them. Increasingly, we are able to configure the matter and energy of the world in any way we so desire consistent with the laws of physics. So the moral and practical question arises: what other organisms, and therefore what other modes of experience, are we going either to create or retain “in the wild” outside the gene-banks and computer software libraries...”

Now I want you to think hard about this last statement by ALF. When was the last time the Government asked you, yes YOU, anything? Who do you suppose is the “we” they are talking about? Are they going to come to you and say, “Mr./Mrs. Jones, do you like elephants? Do you want to keep them on this planet?” I don’t think so. You know who will make those choices. And they will not only choose what you will be, worst yet, they can decide IF you will be.


“... the elimination of such evolutionary relics as the ageing process will make any form of (post-) human reproduction on earth-whether sexual or clonal- will be a rare and momentous event; it’s likely designer post-human babies will be meticulously pre-planed. The notion that ALL reproductive decisions will be socially regulated in a post-ageing world is abhorrent to one’s libertarian instincts; but if they weren’t regulated, then the earth would soon simply exceed its carrying capacity …If reproduction on earth does cease to be a personal affair and becomes a (democratically accountable) state-sanctioned choice, then a major shift in the character of typically adaptive behavioral traits will inevitably occur…”

Although that was deliberately written to be hard for you to read – unless you are one of them, schooled in that kind of thought - I hope that you do understand that they plan to take the right to have sex away from you. It will forever be illegal to have sex. They will create our perfect blue eyed, blond haired, strong, intelligent babies. Does that sound familiar? It should! That is just what Hitler tried to do. Create the perfect race.

This is not science fiction. ALF and ELF are tax exempt entities created for a purpose beyond our comprehension. Now it is up to you. Are you going to just sit by and let this happen?

Will you allow them to implant microchips into you or your children? We have been cleverly conditioned to accept microchips in our pets. Next it will be your children or your grandfather with Alzheimer’s. A benign microchip will protect him from wandering away and getting lost. It will enable authorities to track your kidnapped child. First the animals, then us. Nanotechnology is here. So is genetic engineering. Today is the future.

“So, God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it…” Genesis 1:27, 28, 31.

I do not think ELF’s plans fit in with what God meant, do you?


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