Before you can win in the show ring, you have to get there.  These motor home tips can make getting ready to show easier.



Motorhome Magic


Inventive motor home storage makes finding your stuff and getting to the show ring quicker and easier, plus tips for RV dog show parties and kennel cleaning!


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Motorhome Madness = Full Key Rings

Never get stranded away from home.  Carry a duplicate set of RV keys but reduce the confusion by color-coding bay door, generator, ignition keys.


Floor Board Trash Can


Motor home or RV van, re-purpose a cereal canister as a compact trash can.


Pet Hair Remover

Remove pet hair from furniture and carpets with a squeegee.


Chalk For Quick Stain Remover

Something we all carry, CHALK!  Quickly cover clothing stains at ring time! It also removes grease stains.  Rub on affected area prior to washing.


Show's over, it's time to relax with friends...


Cup & Glass Covers

Summer show get-togethers under the awning… fighting flies. Use cupcake cases to prevent flies from dropping in.


Replace Ice In A Drink

How “cool” is this for your after-Group win celebration party?


Extension Cord Holder

Use toilet paper rolls to organize small power cords, 4" PVC pipe in for big cords in storage bays.


Catalog and Brochure Organizer

Pin document wallets inside your pantry door to store catalogs and ring schedules.


Show's over but here's a little homework.


Kennel Run Weed Remover

Sprinkle salt (rock salt will do) between patio slabs and at the bottom of walls to get rid of pesky weeds. If possible, rotate dogs to an empty run until the weeds turn brown and then hose down.

Dog Show Shoes Holder

Show shoes and comfort shoes take up a lot of room but a regular coat rack bolted to a strut gets them up out of the way and easily findable when you’re running late for ring call.


Jewelry Holder

Organize jewelry on a corkboard to save space and quickly accessorize an outfit.


Laundry Holder

Make a simple RV laundry bag using an old pillowcase and an embroidery hoop.


Quick Dry Laundry

Put a dry towel in with a wet load to reduce the drying time, we tried it, it works.


Scissor Sharpener

Can’t find the scissor guy? To sharpen scissors, simply cut through sandpaper.


Refrigerator Bottle Holder

Motor home refrigerators never have enough room. Use large binder clips to keep stacked bottles in place on the road.


Cabinet Pot Lid Organizer

Never enough space even in the biggest motor homes. If cabinetry is sturdy enough, use towel hangers on the inside of a pantry door for saucepan lids!


Cabinet Organizer

For more cabinet storage, cut up a shoe holder to hang inside a cupboard door.


Crate or lock dogs inside for a few hours.


Kennel Run & Concrete Cleaner

Clean patio stones or run surfaces with a solution of 1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 water. Leave for 10 minutes, then hose down (soiled areas may require a little scrubbing). Also helps get rid of weeds!


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