TheDogPlace ShowPlace is all about Training, Showing, and Breeding the best purebred dogs

Be A TheDogPlace ShowPlace is all about Training, Showing, and Breeding the best purebred dogs At The Visit TheDogPlace ShowPlace to learn all about breeding and exhibiting purebred dogs



Showing Dogs As A Hobby or Home Business


FREE information by professional handlers, Kennel Clubs, and dog show judges can lead you to a successful hobby or rewarding career in the $61 billion sport of purebred dogs.



To be successful in the show ring, you need to study dog show judges and keep track of what each judge prioritizes.





Dog Show Judges and Handlers share secrets of successful owner-handling and the best way to show your dog.


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Everyone Who's Anyone

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OK, you've chosen your breed, now you need to find a "show breeder" who has a track record and can help you pick a show puppy.


Find A Purebred Dog Breeder


A "Responsible Breeder" cares about you after the sale!  Here is the best place to start looking for a caring and knowledgeable breeder.


Representing over 4 centuries of Veterinary,

Medical, Judging, and Breeder experience.



The world's first site to define WHO you are reading because

NOT everyone is an authority...


Before making breeding decisions that will impact YOU, you must understand basic genetics.





To learn about dog shows, meet the people who make them work!



Professional groomer tips to save you money and preserve your dog's huggability!


Grooming your dog is very important for his health and wellbeing.DOG GROOMING


From home grooming to breed-specific show grooming, save time and $$$ grooming your own dog.


OK, you've shown at least one dog to a Ch. title and now you'd like to breed a litter.  This section can insure your success.



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