Prescription drugs and veterinary medications can cause deadly allergic reactions.PET PRESCRIPTIONS?


If you never question the pet medications your veterinarian hands out, find out why the best prescription may be none at all. - Global Canine Communication



Barbara J. Andrews, First published 2005, updated 2016


If you take it when your veterinarian prescribes steroids, anti-depressants, flea spray or heartworm prevention, it could save your dog's health.


A grain of salt and a heap of truth, taken with a big dose of skepticism, will save you untold expense and disagreeable, even fatal side effects. Get the cure.  Start by knowing that Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) are the 5th leading cause of human death.  Okay, while you are savoring that bit of information...

Remember the sudden outbreak of parvo virus back in eighties?  The first vaccine caused temporary sterility in stud dogs and , infertility or prolonged whelping in bitches.  By the next year and release of "real" canine parvo vaccine, things quieted down.  It is worth noting that prior to the 1980s onslaught of new vaccines, which coincided with the switch to prepared foods instead of table scraps, few breeders ever experienced infertility problems.  See Reproductive Index for in-depth info.


Parvovirus was deadly due to extreme diarrhea and rapid dehydration. The ridiculous story that the “newly mutated” virus had “erupted at the Collie Nationals” made no sense because in little more than a week, parvo cases were confirmed in England!  Imagine smuggling a hard-to-hide Collie past U.K. quarantine!  There quickly followed more "outbreaks" in other countries including Australia which also has rigid quarantine regulations.  Forget the prescription, reach for the common sense.


Looking at the fraud and risk in prescription medications, including veterinary prescriptionsThis editor and Dr. Erbeck (writing for TheDog newpaper) questioned those outbreaks, agreeing that parvo was much more likely to have erupted in a laboratory than a dog show.  Other vets agreed.  Open your mind to an indisputable fact; beginning in the 80s we were tricked into taking prescriptions and vaccines that were often worse than the disease.  By 2016 Adverse Drug Reactions caused more human deaths than diabetes.


You will remember that Vioxx and several other dangerous prescriptions were taken off the market but others remain, in part because pharmaceuticals are incredibly profitable.  We’re bombarded by clever commercials promising everything from sexual success to mental clarity and no more dry eyes.  Funny eh?  Mental clarity and good eyes can't help us see expensive prescriptions for diseases not yet invented!


The Truth About Prescription "Drugs" Escaped Corporate Board Rooms

Case in point, tobacco has a thousand-year history of safe use before addictive chemicals were added.  The tobacco companies settled but that was only a blip on the radar screen compared to risky prescription drugs peddled by doctors coerced by the pharmaceutical companies that helped them through school.  Fortunately, I don’t make a living in the medical industry so despite threats from Merck and Pfizer, I will continue to be gagged only by the awful truth.


You’ve heard about the war on drugs.  To protect ourselves and our pets, we must realize that the real drug war is not unregulated (untaxed) drugs.  It is the legal marketing of dangerous, addictive prescription drugs!   See Drugs We Used Before FDA Approved Prescriptions below.  Some of you old timers will remember that we drank cocaine and gave opium to our kids and we may not be much better off today as regards prescriptions.  Research homeopathic remedies.  For most prescription drugs, there’s a safer, natural, and infinitely less expensive alternative.


As an aside, the battle against CODEX law was won in June 2005, in part due to the growth of internet and sites such as  CODEX would have prevented us from buying vitamins like “C”, “E”, and B-complex without a prescription.  Thank this website and legislators like Senator Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, who has steadfastly protected our rights to vitamins and supplements.  In 2014 CODEX caused an uproar between the United Nations and the World Health Organization.  The pharmaceutical giants have not given up on banning "alternative" health remedies.  Despite it being an election year there are rumblings that the U.S. may be part of a deal to bring CODEX back before 2016 ends.


Pet Prescriptions Can Be Risky And Have Less Regulatory Oversight

Take a close look and do a little research when your vet says your pet needs this prescription or that.  And while researching the medication, beware seeded prescription information on health sites because pharmaceutical companies pay people to "work" chats, etc.  There are thousands of websites pandering to our fear of illness - a fear created and well fed by the medical industry.  If you can’t document the science, avoid the prescription, uh, like the plague!  Double the caution for pet prescriptions because your dog can't tell you his feet are itching like crazy since you started giving him heartworm meds.


Animals get cancer nowadays, more so than ever.  Cancer treatment is the most clouded and protected arena in medicine.  In some states a medical doctor can lose his license if he recommends any treatment for cancer other than “slash, burn, and poison” meaning surgery, radiation, and chemo.  A California cardiologist's license was revoked after his patient, newly diagnosed with cancer, asked where she might find information on laetrile and he kindly suggested some sources she might explore.  If someone in your family is fighting cancer or has a stricken pet, do careful research, starting with the knowledge that the average cost to treat a cancer patient is over $900,000 and climbing.  There's a lot at stake in that "cancer customer" and the battery of prescriptions that help them tolerate the effects of cancer treatment.


Pet prescriptions are a murky mess because the animals can’t talk and the greedy get by with murder.  In fact, many state legislatures have actually passed laws designed to protect incompetent veterinarians (and doctors) instead of the animals and their owners! (see ref 1, 2, 3)

Andrews on Veterinary Prescriptions and common sense


Take my word for all this or visit the most authentic and objective Canine Health Library in the world.  In the meantime, take everything with a grain of sea salt.  Sprinkle it over the Truth and share it with others.


Then you owe it to your dog to spend 5 minutes in Prescription Inserts Project.


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Prescription drugs and veterinary medications can cause deadly allergic reactions.

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