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Viability of frozen or chilled semen for dog breeders has been limited by methodology to insure canine sperm motility.




Sperm Motility Study May Apply To Stud Dogs?


Smart dog breeders can learn from Horse, Swine and Cattle breeders who know about sperm count, sperm motility, and using frozen semen.


Their livelihood depends on advanced knowledge of sperm collection, freezing methods, and semen storage. With little commercial value, dog breeders have had to take whatever bits of knowledge have emanated from other research.


This study may prove among the most important to stud dog owners but it has been buried in the doggy press. Until now.


Frozen Semen Sperm MotilityTexas A&M completed a 2006 double-blind study of two groups of stallions wherein one group was fed normally and the other group's feed was top-dressed with extra omega-3 fatty acids.


The semen of both breeding groups was collected and frozen. Their semen was thawed in the exact manner as would happen if the semen was to be used for breeding. The stallions who were fed the omega-3 supplement showed a THREE-FOLD increase in sperm survivability and motility as compared to the semen from supplemented horses.


After a 14-day "washout period", the groups were reversed, so that the supplemented stallions went back to their normal feed and the non-supplemented stallions were given the extra omega-3s. The non-supplemented stallions returned to their normal (higher) sperm mortality rate, and the newly-supplemented stallions' semen showed the same increase in sperm motility and survivability as the first group had shown.


There was no change in sperm viability in fresh sperm; only in sperm which had been frozen or chilled. Apparently, the additional omega-3s assist in protecting sperm from damage due to freezing.


This frozen sperm motility experiment was based on the fact that breeding boars have long been supplemented with omega-3 and omega-6 for this reason, and it seems to work with horses as well. Of course, dogs are neither hogs nor horses (although I must say, I think I've had dogs over the years that might qualify!), but those Derm-Caps you're giving for healthy skin and coat may be doing more for your boyz than you thought!


The article I read, "Stallions: Feeding for Breeding" was in the January 2006 edition of 'Practical Horseman', page 89, The research was done at Texas A&M; the PH article cited the source article from Texas A&M which was published in a peer-reviewed veterinary journal. I posted the research as a matter of passing interest, i.e., 'might this work for dogs as well?' (The Texas A&M experiment was only done with horses).



Speedy Sperm reach the egg first and stand the best chance of fertilizing firstEquine News also reported " supplementation with high levels of vitamins C and E, individually or together, has resulted in increased sperm output, concentration, and motility while decreasing numbers of dead or abnormal sperm in a number of species. Research in Germany and Russia reported improved semen quality when stallions were supplemented with vitamins A, D, and E. In humans, A and C supplementation reduced DNA fragmentation in sperm."


And speaking of sperm, Craig White, DVM, M.S enlightens dog breeders about Speedy Sperm and elevating the bitch's hindquarters. 


2015 brought amazing advances in equine and bovine reproduction technology.  A lot of that has sifted down in canine reproduction, spurred by breeder demands and fed by profitability.  2016 should be an exciting year in veterinary medicine!



Reproduction Mechanics

Getting your top show bitch bred can be as simple as letting her out of your sight.

Getting your best bitch bred can be as simple as letting her out of your sight near a mutt!

Fat and Fertility

Fat dogs are rarely fertile and suffer flakey seasons and low reproductive ability.

Fat bitches may not conceive but crash diets guarantee temporary sterility.

Breeding Problems


Cystitis, strictures or hymens can affect the stud dog or brood bitch's reproductive ability.


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