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Barbara J. Andrews, AKC Master Breeder, SAAB Member


There are four directions: North, South, East and West.

Our galaxy has four parts, Earth, Sky, Sun and Moon.

The world has four components: earth, air, fire and water.

There are four positions: Up, Down, Left and Right.

A square has 4 corners and the letter X has four points.

There are four seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

A cube has four parts, top, bottom and two sides.

There are four periods: Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern, Today.


If you are counting, that was 8 examples. Can you add more? (see below)

How about the creatures we love most all have four legs?


One of the NetPlaces Network staff made this observation:

Humans have 4 moods: Happy, Loving, Depressed or Hateful.

Animals have only two.

Humans have 4 character traits: loyal, loving, deceitful, dishonest.

Animals have only two.


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