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Do good dogs go to Heaven? Every devoted dog owner has wondered if their faithful dog would be there so this poem makes sensible sense.




Carol Hawke


The angry and unforgiving, the faithless and the doubter,

The cruel and unrepentant, the liar and the pouter,

They've taken the wider path trodden down so very well,

It's the one that leads a soul straight down to fiery hell.


Still, these faithful dogs pine and ever longer wait,

Sniffing the narrow pathway and scratching at the gate.

They lie with heads ‘twixt paws and woefully do sigh,

Watching other dogs frolic with loved ones in the sky.


Why do men sow hatred, when they can choose to love?

Why do they always blame their Heavenly Father above?

Never taking honest stock of their own choices and then,

Look hard about them realizing, we all are fallen men.


Lifting angry fists to heaven, they rail and proudly mock,

But as migrating geese, they form and southward flock.

Yet, up yonder wait loving dogs, so patient and true,

Hearts full of certainty that they will soon meet you.


Long they have paced that same spot upon the floor,

In a mansion in Heaven with your name upon the door.

Put away bitter complaints, let go doubt and despair,

Listen now for wondrous music as it slowly fills the air.


Seems a hard row now, ‘cross waters misted dark,

But can you not hear it? A faint, familiar bark…?

When your weary feet touch that celestial shore,

Oh, the wonders and the glory for you kept in store.


A familiar muzzle pushes strong into your hand,

The same thumping tail keeps beat with glory's band.

Dropping to your knees you cling to your old friend,

Who never once doubted you'd be there in the end.


If you would prove a wise man, listen to what I say,

Let troubled waters pass ‘neath life's bridge today.

Let all bitterness depart, forgive your fellow man,

Ask the Savior come guide you to His glory land.


When our names are recited in that Heavenly roll call,

Joyous barking will resound from dog's great and small.

Don't be such a fool to believe these lies of earth,

Before our loving God, you and dog have eternal worth.


So don't leave good dogs above to forever wait and cry,

Certain you'll be arriving, as the days on earth pass by.

If your heart is grown hard and dull, don't get a dog I pray,

For every dog deserves a master who won't desert one day.

Copyright NetPlaces Network 1906



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