Dog Stories, Prose And Poetry


Old dogs, war dogs, puppies or strays,

Poetry has power to brighten our days.

Dog stories and poems are best read aloud,

To an audience of one or a theater crowd.





By Alexadra Gav, Breed Warden, Working Breeds Judge


They say being lonely is a natural thing,

We are born all alone, and alone we die.

People come, people go, most are only a fling,

What you thought of as friendship is often a lie.


Husbands cheat, run away, you just grow apart,

College buddies forgot you decades ago,

Kids move out as soon as they're done growing up,

As much as you love them, you must let them go.


In the end of the day, by yourself you all are,

Blur of memories fill up your days.

Love is farther from you than skies' tiniest star,

Try as hard as you might, you cannot reach its rays.


Then one day you ran into this thing by the road,

Dirty bundle so small you thought it was a kitten,

Maybe hamster, or hedgehog, or squirrel, or toad,

Whatever it was, you were instantly smitten.


Bring it home you did, got it washed, got it fed,

Who would've thought that a dog can be so tiny?

He was mangy, half-bald, he was skinny and sad,

When alone in the room, he'd get loud and whiny.


But he trusted you from the first second you met,

He'd relax in your lap, fall asleep, belly up,

You would cradle him like a child, not a pet,

You would tell him he was world's most precious pup.


Over time he got better, got bigger, got strong,

He grew up so tall, he resembled a pony.

He was a rascal, but to you he could no wrong,

Since the day he came home you were no longer lonely.


He would wait at the door, and when you came home,

He'd jump up and he'd dance, his face beaming with joy.

Loving humans is big part of canine genome,

And you loved him right back, he was your little boy.


Your last year's depression disappeared with no trace,

Your insomnia gone, meds are not necessary.

What you failed to find within human race

Is provided by dog, he is your sanctuary.


You no longer need neither a friend nor a lover,

Your heart has been mended and filled to the brim.

You were not at the slightest surprised to discover

You now find many people quite vulgar and grim.


See, dogs are much better, people cheat, people lie,

They have hurt you way too many times.

Some lowlife human left your pup out to die,

But you never hear of dogs doing crimes.


People don't deserve dogs, not at all, you decide.

You shall rescue all canines from nasty apes' reign.

Life purpose is found. PETA is your ally,

After all they are the only ones with a brain.


Spay and neuter whatever a mirror can fog,

Breeders should be beheaded and burnt at the stake,

An obedient soldier, you can kill for a dog,

God is dog, dog is God, men are planet's mistake.


Unbeknown to you for a while anyways

Ego starts taking over your conscience, your core.

Every time you denounce someone's bad, evil ways

It's your own high horse you advocate for.


Every man is completely beneath your own feet,

Every woman is lower than low.

Only you, shining armor and all, can compete

For the title of Holier Than Though.


Mother Nature meanwhile shakes her head, don't you see?

It's completely against life's core values and rules

That a species hates self to such giant degree

They'd rather save all the puppies than own babies, what fools!


Humans are too complex, too complex for common sense.

Our minds grew beyond what is reason.

In the name of our egos, at our own expense

We commit biological treason.


In between the communal depression and seeking the truth,

Right around the twist of self-loathing,

We've been fighting our own kind, nail and tooth,

We've been fighting for glory, for riches, for nothing.


Are we happy to live in complete disconnect

From each other, from nature, from life?

Nevermind, I've just heard that a breeder used dog with defect,

Tally-ho! Tally-ho! You take sword, I'll take knife.

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