Dog Stories, Prose And Poetry


Old dogs, war dogs, puppies or strays,

Poetry has power to brighten our days.

Dog stories and poems are best read aloud,

To an audience of one or a theater crowd.




This tribute to Bigson makes us proud

Of the top winning Akita who loved a crowd!



Barbara J. Andrews © 1980


He came into the world that day
Searching, eager, shining wet.
All rooting, lusting, hungry mouth
Seeking life and breath and yet,

As he lay struggling in my hand
I clearly saw his destiny!
More than just another pup,
A dog who was to be ….
A Dog.

He quickly grew in size and strength,
He ate with gay abandon
Shoes and books, and sister’s tails,
anything at random!

He stood apart, that handsome guy,
A Prince for all to see.
A crown and aura he possessed,
This dog who was to be…
A King.

When all grown up, he made his way
Into a world of glitter.
Points and trophies, accolades;
The finest in his litter.

He dethroned the reigning champs
In one great winning spree.
From coast to coast, they knew him well,
This dog who was to be…
A Legend.

When in his prime, he’d take your breath.
Massive head and jaws of steel,
A hundred-weight of brutal strength
Whose eyes could not conceal

Great arrogance and stubborn pride
And love for none but me.
And while he scorned both man and beast,
I knew this dog to be…
My Friend.

For thirteen years I shared his life,
He, ever faithful at my side;
And when our journey slowed a bit,
Still he walked with youthful pride.

And so one night when I awoke,
His piercing eyes upon me,
We said farewell as old friends do, knowing
We would once more be…

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