Dog Stories, Prose And Poetry


Old dogs, war dogs, puppies or strays,

Poetry has power to brighten our days.

Dog stories and poems are best read aloud,

To an audience of one or a theater crowd.



Putting your dog to sleep is a trust that you must keep.
So when he asks for this gracious task
Do what must be done, his suffering can't go on.
Hold him close to see him through - he'd do the same for you.


A Dog's Last Battle

Author Unknown


When I grow old or sick and weak

And pain would keep me from my sleep,

Then will you do what must be done,

When life's last battle can't be won?


Please don't be sad, I understand

But don't let grief stay your hand.

 For on this day, above all the rest

Love and friendship must stand the test.


We've had so many happy years,

Don't spoil it now with pain and tears.

You wouldn't want me to suffer, so

When that time comes, please, let me go.


Take me where my needs they'll tend,

But please, stay with me to the end,

Hold me close and talk to me

Until my eyes no longer see.


 It's one last kindness you do for me.


So please don't cry. It must be you

Who decides this thing we both must do;

We've been so close for all these years,

Let not your heart hold any tears.


When from silent suffering I've been saved.

You'll know somewhere my tail has waved

and I was strengthened by the scent of you

In this last battle that I will do.


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