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Corporate background information and guaranteed advertising results for your show dog, breeding program, dog-related product, service - or your money back!


Perhaps you've tried ads in other formats but results were disappointing. That won't happen here.  Each site in our network is top ranked in all major search engines for dog-related subject matter, ease of use, credibility, and content. is the world's first dog-site (1998) and it beautifully bridges the gap between pet owners and show enthusiasts.


TheDog-e-Book is the first and most efficient online directory. "Everyone Who's Anyone Is There" in the dog-e yellow pages. launched in 2002 as the dog fancy’s first dog news source. Whether TV or radio, news is the name of the game. is the first website for, by, and about dog show judges, representing AKC, UKC, TKC, and foreign judges.


NetPlaces Network founders attended the NAB Conference in Houston as guests of Lawrence Lindsey who gave the broadcaster seminar "Presenting Network News." It was there that they met Ted Turner (founder of Turner Broadcasting and CNN).  Inspired and encouraged, they decided the emerging "internet" was ready for a dog news site.


Today The NetPlaces Network has the most subscribers (over 24,00) and traffic (1.6 million individual visitors in 2016 per Google Analytics) and of any canine competitor.


What Are The NetPlaces Demographics?


Purebred dog owners are seekers of quality, esthetic beauty and health in their pets, and for themselves.  Dog show judges, professional handlers and breeders are well educated, interested and involved in every aspect of nutrition, reproduction, conditioning, grooming, and training.  The majority of exhibitors are affluent, well educated, and highly mobile - RVs outnumber autos at dog shows. Dog owners are style and status conscious which is why the pet industry grew to over $66 billion in 2016.


The NetPlaces Network is #1 and when you put ad size and cost in the same sentence, the advantage is staggering. We welcome your product, service, latest win or litter announcement. Your advertisement can go out to over 24,000 subscribers within a week!  You are limited only by your imagination, not by technology.  Explore the options!


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