Custom Dog Crates For Sale!

Perfect for small Terriers and all Toy Breeds


Station wagon or sedan, these crash-proof 1" x 1" grid steel wire supports 150 lbs. Custom-made Terrier-Toy breed crates. Stackable, safer than plastic, perfect for motor home or van.


Escape proof (but easy-open) steel latch. Includes galvanized steel pans. We used Dry-deck mats to keep dogs clean and various sized cloth covers with pockets for meds, bait, combs, etc.


12' wide by 18" deep by 15" tall


No Longer Showing

Must-sell price $85 each - includes shipping (U.S. only)




Call to order (800) 215-1178 Mon - Fri 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM EST - Email Questions: