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Mr. Hall Keyes, Nanhall Kennels


HALL & FRAN KEYES, NANHALL KENNELS, PROFESSIONAL HANDLERSEveryone respects and seeks the council of this man.  Many people live a long time but not everyone collects wisdom along the way.  Hall would be the first to smile and quietly remind us that he has known a few twenty-year novices but he would also seriously say that he learns something new every day.  It is this curiosity and the ability to see things as they really are that attracts people to him for advice.


Hall "went to the dogs" back in the 30's and has never regretted it.  Formerly successful in the Department Store business, he and wife Francis developed what is known as the "soft touch." The number of Specialty, Group, and Best In Show winners produced by that gentle method is uncountable but clear proof of its effectiveness.


The ability to not only spot or breed a great dog but to develop that dog to its fullest potential began with Obedience work but by the fifties, he had developed an interest in the breed ring.  Expanding their field resulted in the Highest Titled German Shepherd bitch in 1962.  She was UDT, ROM, and Grand Victrix (BOS) at the Nationals.


Together with his wife Fran, Hall has stewarded a handling and training career that includes a long list of "firsts."  They achieved the 1st Assistance Dog in the State, 1st Professional and State Certified Grooming School in NC, Delta Society and Gaines Award for #1 Service Dog, etc.  Show ring accomplishments are just as impressive and include over 100 AKC Champions, the youngest Schipperke to go Best In Show, numerous other BIS wins, Best In Show at the 1999 World Show and many Breed Wins at WKC.


Hall is certified in Dog Behavior by Cornell University and if there was a certification for common sense and people behavior, Hall would be "first" to qualify!


You are invited to visit the Nanhall Training and Pet Resort in Greensboro, NC or go to the extensive website at


HALL KEYES' WIFE FRAN & DAUGHTER HAYLEYEditor's Note: T. Hall Keyes III, passed away Wednesday, January 6th, 2010 at the age of 89 years.  Click his name to understand who and what the sport has lost.  Hall was among the first people invited to join our Science & Advisory Board.  We were close friends with the Keyes for over three decades.  I wasn't shocked to learn of his death as Fran has kept me updated but to say I was saddened is an understatement.  Hall and Bill Andrews are two of the kindest and most insightful people I've ever known and I sure they are once again "swapping stories" even as I type this.


Our deepest sympathies go out to Hall's wife Fran and daughter Hayley, pictured at shows nearly a decade ago.  Read his obituary and understand what Hall Keyes was to the dog fancy.


Editor's Note:  As a personal friend for over three decades, Hall's passing marks the "End Of An Era".  Learn what being a professional handler and a master dog man is and you will understand why the fancy has lost a truly great person and why Hall Keyes never had an enemy.

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