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Meet The Pros: The Breeders, Judges, and Handlers we go to for advice or whose memories still serve the dog fancy.



Wayne Cavanaugh

Former VP of AKC communications who bought the UKC speaks out in this exclusive interview.


Joe Gregory, All Breeds

A rare interview granted by a rare dog man, gentleman, and family man.


Pat Hastings

Multi-Group judge, author of Tricks, a "tell-all" book that does... The Puppy Puzzle lady.


Dr. J. Donald Jones

Westminster 2008 BIS Judge on the Beagle and other show celebrities.


Hall Keyes

(deceased) a modest man of few words and endless knowledge.


Mardee Ward

2nd generation AKC judge, a Samoyed authority just like Bob and Dolly.


Carolyn & David Alexander

Among the most popular multi-group, international judging couples.


Ann Arch, Crufts BIS Judge

Rare insight into a grand lady and one of the world's most popular judges.


Richard Beauchamp

Judge, Author, Publisher, Rick does it all - and does it well! Also Judging Legend Nominee


Dr. Richard Fayrer-Hosken

Veterinary University Professor who speaks the breeder's language.


Hisayoshi Kadowaki

President of the Japanese Chihuahua Club, Japan Kennel Club All Breed Judge.


Frank Sabella

Top Five Judging Legend, a Poodle man with grace and style to spare!


Bobby Barlow

Licensed in 1953, the Handler's Handler, a rare man who left judging to return to handling.


John Boozer

Smooth Fox judge and a whole lot more. John is pretty smooth too!


Dany Canino

Multi-Groups, this lady "Rocks"!  Plus 2003 Judging Legend front runner.


Wayne Cavanaugh

The consummate dog man, UKC President, former AKC Vice President.


Ric Chashoudian

Former pro handler, renowned Judge, columnist, sculptor, deceased 9/20/11


Bob Kane

Professional Lobbyist, respected for his role in defeating PAWS


Robert D. Sharp

From favorite breeds to food, multi-Group judge who warms the heart.


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Fred Lanting

AKC, Int'l all-breed judge, Sieger/Schutzhund specialist, seminar presenter and more.


Dr. Richard Greathouse

Some things you may not know about this distinguished Kentucky gentleman.


James E. Moses

GSD Handler, from Hatter to Mystique to Dallas, he's loved - and handled them all.


Judi Daniels

Terrier Authority, Past President of AKC, Top 2006 Judging Legend Candidate.


Mel Downing, All Breeds

Iconic judge, a true Legend, co-founder of Senior Judges Assoc.


Edd Bivin

Husband of Irene (deceased) Judge extraordinaire, Voted Judging Legend 2002


Lt. Col. Wallace Pedé

CEO of SCJA / Judges Education Foundation, he has been judging dogs over 65 years!


David Kirkland

From terriers to toys, he's a top-of-the-list connoisseur of quality and honesty.


Beverly Vics

From Westminster to whelping, a true breeder-owner-handler-judge.


Myrtle Klensch

Before her untimely death, Myrtle shared her wisdom in this exclusive interview.


Joan Ronalder

A multi-species trainer with an uncanny ability to communicate with animals.


Dennis & Mary Lou Kniola

Former handling team, now multi-Group judges.  Dennis passed away in 2010.


Barbara Ann Langlois

Multi-breed Hound Judge, Teacher, a real "dog lady".


Kim Lindemoen

Movie and TV Dog Stars Trainer, shares training secrets and great moments on the set.


Frank McCartha

Inside the mind and heart of a multi-group judge who's also a top horseman.


Peggy Mickelson

Popular herding authority, writer, breeder, and Judging Legend 2006.


Rosemarie (Rose) O'Hara

AKC Conformation, Obedience, and Rally Judge; Sheltie, Aussie Breeder.


Mrs. Chris Walkowicz

Judge, Author, gifted Breeder, a real VIP (very interesting person)!!



Top Breeders, Judges, and Veterinary Authorities

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