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It happens in an instant but in terrorist-times, a blackout can last beyond your survival timeline if you fail to prepare for more than a temporary power outage.


Today more than ever in our history, America’s aging 3-part power grid is at risk. That puts you and your family in “critical condition” unless you are prepared to survive with no electricity.



Our electrical grids (Eastern, Western, and Texas (ERCOT)) are viable targets for our enemies and smaller feeder lines are aging. When there is a power failure, whether due to violent weather, age or sabotage, you need to be prepared.


For families who depend on electricity to run heart monitors, breathing equipment, etc. loss of electrical power for even a few hours could mean disaster  Power loss also generates uncertainty in every household which often leads to panic, a powerful weapon in both psychological and boots-on-the-ground warfare. 


We worry about a nuclear strike but enemies don’t destroy that which they covet. Terrorism is a very real weapon in the arsenal of war and our cultural enemies are masters of psychological warfare.


As U.S. and European countries are distracted by COVID-19, riots and protest marches are turning increasingly violent! The disturbing fact is that some “Americans” are not and never will be American. They may have been born here but they think differently. We think in terms of years whereas older cultures plan decades ahead…


Col. Harper and Dr. James, military and political experts, agree that those who would conquer us do not want an uninhabitable country. That pretty much takes nuclear war off the table because it would prevent access to our vast natural resources (gold, silver, iron, and coal) and the land mass our enemies covet.


Our greatest wealth is the invention of internet technology. That is also our Achilles Heel and "evil-doers" know loss of power would bring America to its knees. No power, no public internet. Entire regions plunged into darkness, chaos, and uncountable casualties. All without firing a single shot.



There are hundreds of “survivalist” websites out there but you are here and you are animal owners. Make sure you have water, weapons, and food (including grain and or dry dog food) in safe, dry, hidden or at least, obscure storage. Prioritize your survival items in that order…


In any crisis, water and weapons are the most precious items if you are to protect your family and resources. Whether it is a natural disaster or manmade, the first thing people will seek is money but if the crisis continues, even your neighbors will come for your water and food and they may be armed…


Therefore, do NOT tell anyone what you’re doing. Don’t brag about being a “prepper” and make sure no family member ever mentions that you “store stuff” or “keep a lot of food.”


If you have livestock you’ll have feed on hand but realistically, you need to think of your animals as edibles. In a disaster situation which could last longer than your food stash, protect them as such… Don’t say you couldn’t eat your dog. If your children are starving…


Do you have a water supply that does not require power? Think ahead. Are you on city or well water? Animals need a lot of water; big dogs require up to a half gallon per day, livestock at least twice that much. You can survive 2 to 3 weeks without food. You are unlikely to survive 10 days without water.



Here’s a list of simple, basic but CRITICAL supplies you use in normal life so make sure you keep “backups” on hand and equipment in working order - just-in-case.


Generator and cell phone are second only to food and water. Without a generator, you can’t use a breathing machine or run the refrigerator or charge the batteries you bought… flashlights and other tools are helpful but cell phones are the most important tool in contacting emergency help.


As with food and water, batteries can go bad if not stored properly. Alkaline and primary lithium batteries can be stored for up to 10 years in moderate temperatures. Just make sure to check and recharge or replace any battery that seems weak, including that extra car battery you keep rotated and charged up…


Do not count on emergency services. If there is a widespread power outage for more than 36 hours your survival risk begins to double. With no communication, unless you have a CB radio and the power to run it, you are at risk, not so much from the weather as from people…


According to subscriber Hal Gantt, "To survive in a nation of sheep ruled by wolves and owned by pigs, you must become a lion!"


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