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The Politics behind Animal Rights could swing the vote for enlightened dog owners. Does your presidential candidate own a dog? Mutt or purebred? For real or for image?


Will it be Human Rights or Animal Rights?





by CinDee Byer, Breed Clubs Editor and SAAB Member


Probably the first-ever shelter dog to live in The White House, a German Shepherd Dog adopted by the Bidens' should be removed due to aggressive behavior.


“Major” was a shelter dog, fostered and then purchased by Joe and Jill Biden. Last week, due to his aggressive behavior, “Major” was thought to be removed from the White House and sent back to the Biden home, in Wilmington Delaware.



What makes “Major’s” behavior problematic for the White House?


Major is a German Shepherd Dog. His size alone makes him a formidable opponent for staff, security and visitors to the White House. Major nearly outweighs the president himself and as a guardian breed Major’s bites have become more than just a minor problem.


The good news is, the problem is not with the dog. The bad news is, the problem is not with the dog.” ~ Joe Byer, Professional Dog Trainer


Mistake #1

Pick Of the Litter Or Secondhand Store? 10 years ago the media chastised President Biden for buying a German Shepherd puppy from a breeder instead of shelter. However, that puppy grew up to be a wonderful dog named “Champ”. He is now a 13-year-old and has been a loyal companion to the Biden’s.



To make up for the bad publicity over Champ, the Biden’s chose their next dog, “Major”, from a shelter. This was the Biden’s 1st “Major” mistake. Placing a large dog into the White House environment requires much thought and consideration. Choosing a dog with the predictable temperament is fundamental. Fulfilling this requirement begins with a good breeder and proper rearing.


Shelter dogs properly handled and socialized can make good pets. However, buying a dog from a shelter, in President Biden’s case, was like buying Mrs. Biden’s wedding dress from a secondhand store.


If the dress was not properly tailored and cared for, the dress, like a shelter dog, may fall apart. A secondhand dress may have rips and tears that upon a quick inspection are not seen just as a shelter dog may not immediately exhibit unwanted behaviors.



Mistake #2 Companion or competitor?

“Major”, like “Champ” is a male German Shepherd Dog but unlike Champ, Major is a young adolescent. We are told that he was purchased by the Biden family to be a companion for the older dog. Unfortunately, Champ, being a senior dog in failing health is physically impaired. He cannot defend himself from Major’s dominant play. Champ struggles to be with his human family while Major dominates their attention. To an elderly dog, Major is not a companion he’s a competitor.


Choice of a second dog was the Biden’s 2nd “Major” mistake.


MISTAKE #3 Avoiding the Obvious



There is an elephant in the room, in this case, not obvious but it is not uncommon.  Today there is no doubt that Major is the leader of those he considers his pack. Champ’s frailties make him low man on the Biden totem pole. The fractured ankle Pres. Biden suffered while playing with the dog was an example of weakness to the dog.


Sources have told us that the dogs are not allowed on furniture but that Jill has often found Major on the sofa. Inability to enforce commands is to a dog, another example of weakness.


All of this does not mean that Major is a bad dog. In this situation he is doing what any dog would do. He is taking charge. Lack of leadership is mistake #4


When dealing with a shelter dog much is unknown. No documentation on its temperament or family history. The dog’s behavior can be unpredictable. This doesn’t mean the shelter dog cannot be a good pet IF the new owner seeks expert guidance early. Without ongoing and consistent guidance, new owners may make poor decisions.


It is time to take the blame off of Major and time for Joe and Jill Biden to place their hands upon their head and forcefully thrust them up and down all the while repeating these words; “BAD OWNER! – BAD OWNER! – BAD OWNER!” Then it is time for them to give “Major” a fresh start in the right way.

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