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What My Dog Asked Of Me

by Barbara J. Andrews


When I am young and silly,

don’t expect more of me than you would a human child.

If I'm too loud or I break something, I was only playing.

I didn't do it to anger you.


You can satisfy your own hunger or thirst. I cannot.

I depend on you for everything.

You say things like “I’m dying of thirst.”

Remember, I can’t talk.


When it is cold or raining,

do not resent having to take me out.

You would gladly grab a coat and go out with your friends.

I am your most devoted friend.


Before you would hit me,

remember that I have

42 sharp teeth and can crush a bone,

Yet I chose not to bite you when you punish me.


I watch over you in the night

and I comfort you when you feel bad.

I would do anything for you.

Please help me when I am sick or hurt.


You have TV, your job,

I have only you. Talk to me every day, let me know you care.

I may not know your words but when I hear my name,

I know you mean ME and I matter to you.


If sharing your life with me becomes too much of an inconvenience,

Please, find someone else to love and take care of me.

It is the least that you can do.


Before you scold me for being stupid or troublesome or soiling in the house,

Ask yourself if I could be sick.

Or maybe I’m just getting older and more forgetful.


Give me comfort and reassurance in my final years.

Be patient and be a better human because in so doing,

You will deserve no less when you are old and feeble.


Do not hang on to me beyond what I can endure

And above all, do not let me face this alone.

I have always felt safe when you are there.


I said "I understand." And I will remember, today, and every day...



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