Dog Stories, Prose & Poetry


Old dogs, war dogs, puppies or strays,

Poetry has power to brighten our days

Dog stories and poems are best read aloud,

To an audience of one or a theater crowd.



The sweetness of victory is celebrated in tribute to this rattlesnake’s last day - No Greater Scorn than Knife and Fork, No Greater Triumph than the Plate.



by Fred Lanting


Today I ate my enemy;

Washed him down with resinated wine,

And smiled the secret inner smile

Grim or gleeful cannibals know.

Three days he lay embalming,

Coiled in vinegar and lemon juice,

Glass bowl kept, foil-capped,

Soaking in the savory herbs.


Today I ate my enemy;

Curled him in the smaller skillet,

Browned his tenderloin in oil,

Stripped him of his dignity and pride.


Tomorrow I shall wrap his hide

Around my hat,

And pin the band with a feather or a fang,

And strut the path I killed him on.


Tomorrow I shall call his kin

To come and see;

I’ll shake his rattles hanging from my neck,

And dare his mate to meet me on the road

Copyright 1803


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