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An Angel's Kiss

dedicated to all our Angels


by Diane Sandberg


An Angel came into the world today.
From deep inside her mother where she’d grown for the past two months.
She came with four others.
All snug and sound with the mother who loves them.


The Angel is so cute today.
White, with little brown ears, and a brown patch over one eye.
How pretty she will become.
Will she be the one I wait for, I wonder.


The Angel lay alone today-not cuddled with the others.
As she grows she has become smaller.
She needs extra help.
Soon she has two mothers.


One of whom she was born, the other that feeds her.
Don’t worry little one, I am here.
The Angel opened her eyes today.
To see the big and beautiful new world.


She is to become part of.
Soon she hears my voice and begins to know.
I too, love her.
The Angel gave me a kiss today.


She playfully bites my hand, her tail wagging joyfully.
Now she goes to her sister, seeing who can jump higher.
Her blanket has become her toy.
Pulling and tugging, how strong she will be.


The Angel seems so small today.
Almost half the size of her brothers and sisters.
She eats, but not as much as before.
She doesn’t want it.


OK, I say, maybe later.
The Angel still won’t eat today.
I tell her she needs to, still she says no.
But finally she takes what I give her.


She trusts that I know what is right.
The Angel gave me a kiss today.
To tell me she loves me.


The Angel left this world today.
Just six weeks after arriving.
Her place now in the heavens.
With others that love her.


Watch over my Angel.
I will miss her.
I will always love her.
I won’t forget her.


Like a flower my Angel entered this world.
Bringing beauty and joy.
Leaving a moment later.
With a memory of but,


An Angel’s Kiss


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