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E. Katie Gammill, Exhibition Editor - June 2014


There are seven in the box,

one is the defender of the hind teat,

bird-like, this tiny female gender

is insulted by the eye dropper

and clings tight as a tick.


This determined little mouse-like pup

on the milk gland sticks.


Weaning time brings crunchy food,

her offering is gruel.


Flashing an indignant look,

she stomps into a crowded nook

of furry bodies. Her growl scatters all

like feathers in the wind,

her tail stiff with victory

dares all dispute her claim.


Survival of the fittest in this case,

does not apply,

her ego claims a larger space

than the litter in entire.


Swollen, she falls asleep,

a tiny turtle sunning

all relaxed and satisfied

upon a rock of tummy.


Overpowering beauty,

all puppies leave, but one.

She fills my lap with courage

and I am undone.


Wrapped around her little paw by impudence amazing,

Her imperfections fill my heart and tell me I am losing.


Her thundering footsteps follow me,

she makes our home smile,


the smallest package is our prize.

She makes our life worth while.


Dedicated to Indian Creek Energizer

“The Bunz” #153


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