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Dog Stories and Poetry delight all who love animals. Especially at Christmas. Sometimes there's a message and who better to deliver this than Santa Claus or Old Saint Nick, or whoever you call him. Doesn't matter, his animal rights message is clear!





Barbara (BJ) Andrews


T’was the night before Christmas and what can I say?

My kids had been hopeful all through the day.

Then finally, to bed, muttering “Santa don’t care!”

Their hopes for a puppy drowned in despair.


Thoughts of “no pets” danced through their heads

As they slept with just toys.  Alone in their beds.

No puppy, no kitten, not even a cat

To comfort their hearts for this long winter’s nap.


Christmas Angel on the night Santa came bringing presents and blessiingsThen out on the lawn there arose such a clatter

That I sprang from my bed to see to the matter.

We ran to the window and drew back the drape

And in shock we all stared at a marvelous shape!


For there was a vision on sparkling snow,

An angel from heaven and t’was then we did know

That Santa was coming with reindeer and more,

Bringing pets for our family and courage galore!


No more would we worry ‘bout license or tag

For the angel was holding an American flag!

Then Santa appeared and there on his back

A puppy and kitten wriggled out of the sack.


With a wink of his eye and a twist of his head

He let us all know we had nothing to dread.

“Bad laws are just made to weigh down my sleigh

So remember this night and cast them away.”


SANTA DOESN'T SUPPORT ANIMAL RIGHTS! “I’ve Prancer and Dancer and dozens more pets

So gather your courage and have no regrets.

The gift that I bring you is knowing your Rights

So Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.”


When next we looked back the angel was gone

But the shimmer remained; it covered our home.

We treasured those pets for all of their years

And thanked old Saint Nick for dissolving our fears.


The kids grew up strong and fought for our rights,

My daughter’s in Congress but my son set his sights

On filling the (White) House with four legged friends!

So it’s The Night Before Christmas and that’s where it ends…





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