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The Miracle of Dog

by Diane Sandberg-Mulligan


Dog reversed.......... God?
Can it be true?
Were dogs given to us as a touch of Eden,

to help survive this world?
Helping us to feel love, when we have none,

except from ..........a dog.

God reversed.......... Dog?
There must be a meaning why this is so.
Should we rejoice that heaven is at our feet,
bringing to us what humans can’t imagine
sharing with others, impossible to feel without ..........a dog.

Dog ..........and God?
Do we dare trust the miracle?
Sharing our lives with another who gives so completely?
Desiring us, and needing us, more than it’s own kind
Wanting to please only us ..........a dog.

Dog ..........with God?
Can we understand?
Finding gratefulness and wonder
that dogs help to complete us, being with us and
healing us, as we live our lives with them ..........a dog.

Believe and embrace, rejoice and realize
trust and share, live and love.
What all have been given, if they desire

The miracle of ..........a dog. #153


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