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by Roberta Lee "Dove", DD., PhD., ND.




As Dlanor entered his resting room after bathing himself in the Elcric of Thgil, he anointed his body with fragrant water and oil, brushed his hair until it was shinny again, used the maser beam to clean his teeth, and then went over to the enjoyment panel. He decided to put on the sound of the surf. Then he went to the resting platform, which suspended him on a surface of the softest material, in which water and air was in a mixture that was just right for his body size. As he laid down to rest, he noticed again, how much like floating on air his resting couch was. It gave him the feeling of floating in space.


As Dlanor became comfortable and relaxed, the lights dimmed as they responded to his brain activity, until they were nothing but a soft glow that one could hardly perceive. As he drifted into the Tirips, he received the message that he had to pay very close attention to the information that was to be imparted to him this night. It was to be the most important information of his life. In fact, it could save his life in the days and months to come, it was that important.


This was Dlanor’s prayer that night; “Oh Great Rotaerc of the Somsoc, take this, your child of the light, with a loving heart, desiring to learn of the Somsoc, and desiring to become one with you, lead me where my luos can learn and help another. Lead me on this journey for which my time has come.” With that there was a soft glow around his body, and you could see the softest, most beautiful blue ball of energy lift up as if coming out of Dlanor’s body, and float up to the ceiling, and out of the room.


Dlanor’s parents had remained in the Elcric of Thgil when Dlanor went to his resting room. They knew the events that would transpire this evening; and they knew too, that for one so young this was going to be quite a task. Never before in the history to Htrae, was one so young chosen for such a perilous task, but then again, never before was there such a need. Dlanor MUST have all of their support, at this fateful time.


Dlanor’s parents sat suspended just a few inches off the surface of the floor. There in the soft glow of the light of loving energy and thoughts, they knew that they must use their power to direct all of their energy to their only son, Dlanor. They would draw on the energy of nature, and be replenished as needed, but this was not a task for the faint of heart, even for the parents.


They would sit in this manner until this experience was over for Dlanor. No one knew how long this might take, and if we were to understand how time was counted on Htrae, it could be one hour or one year. But being Master Teachers, they had learned long ago to control their own energies, and to place themselves in what we would call suspended time. Dlanor would be aided by this loving energy, but his parents could not interfere with what he, Dlanor, had to do. You see, the learning was in completing the experience alone.


Dlanor’s mother, Eiram and his father Samoht were not old by the standards of Htrae, but by other standards we might consider them as being very old indeed. Eiram was 320 seasons old (80 years old) and Samoht was 360 seasons old (90 years old). You see, on Htrae people lived to be very, very old, but never looked older that 25 or 30 years old. Some of the Wise Ones were as old as 2000 seasons old (500 years). You can see how young Dlanor seemed to those on Htrae. This was indeed, a very big job for one so young, even on Htrae this was quite unusual. But, you must remember, Dlanor was learning to be a Master Teacher, and he was a very gifted and special boy.


I guess here is where we should explain just what a Master Teacher is. It is not like our school teachers. Or even our University Professors, oh no, not at all. A Master Teacher is one who has learned almost everything about the Cosmos. They have learned that the body is just like a dress, or a suit of clothes, and you can take it off any time that you desire, and feel free to come and go anywhere in the entire Universe. The Master has learned to communicate with other life forms of every planet in the Cosmos, and they respect life, where ever they find it. They know that there are many other planets in the Cosmos that have intelligent living beings, and that each of these planets are in different stages of evolution. Those that are less advanced than Htrae, need helping hands to inspire them, and to guide them in making wise decisions; in creating inventions that will help evolve the race of the planet, and not do harm to themselves.


This is very important you know. Having the ability to be able to help where ever, and when ever it is needed. That is just what Eiram and Samoht did. Every night they went to help on other planets. Of course, they couldn’t take their bodies with them, or that might scare the beings that they had to teach. So they left their bodies behind them in the safe keeping of the Great Light of the Rotaerc of the Somsoc for protection. But there were occasions when it was necessary for them to travel with their bodies, and that was when it became very dangerous to them. All they could do was leave their essence behind and have it protected.


You might ask how they helped these beings learn if they didn’t have bodies? Well, they would speak to the beings, and it would be as if the beings had thought of the idea themselves. Then they would stay to encourage the continuance of the idea.
As you can see, they didn’t get many thank yous for their loving work, but then they were so advanced that Eiram and Samoht knew that they didn’t need thank yous. The helping and teaching they did they did out of love for the Rotaerc of the Somsoc.


Eiram and Samoht did not just help beings on other planets. They also helped and taught the beings on their own Htrae. The classes that they taught were very special. Of course, the young ones had a school that they went to that was very much like our schools. Oh, it wasn’t just 12 years, it took them 132 seasons. They started school the day they were born. The Great Wise Ones had learned long ago, that it is most important to start teaching as soon as the child is born; that is when it is the easiest to teach the brain that learning is so much fun, and that going to school isn’t because some old grown up says you have too.


They were taught that all of life is a learning experience; a type of schooling, and of course, because they lived such long lives, there was so much more to learn.


They learned that color is not just to be pleasing to the eye, but a living vibration, and had an energy all of it’s own. That each color had its own personality, and there were certain things that each color could accomplish that other colors could not do. They learned to make friends with color, and use it wisely in their lives. They learned that sound was the same as color ,and they learned the importance of music and tone. They learned how tone, as well as color could be used in healing. For example the color Pink was the color of love and gentleness. That the color pink could help to calm down a soul that got upset and did things that might hurt themselves, or someone else. They also learned that the companion tone to pink ,was middle C, and that that particular tone could do the same thing as the color pink. However, if the two were used together, the healing was much more effective and rapid.


They learned to hear the flowers and trees and to speak to them. They learned to talk with all plants, and what healing or soothing elements could be derived from each and every one. They learned how to use flowers to make their lives more harmonious. The animals were not their slaves, or their food or their pets, but their best friends. Now you wouldn’t eat you r best friend would you? Of course not! All of these things sound easy, and like they would be fun to learn about, don’t they. Well, your right! It was fun, and that is how each person on Htrae learned that there was so much to study and learn about , so that they spent a life time gaining knowledge. As they got older, the classes were very similar to ours, but very much more advanced. They also had machines that were made to help them in living. They had to learn about the machines, and how to care for them as well. Their lives were much more advanced than ours in every respect.


None of the machines that they used in any way harmed, or assaulted the environment. The people on Htrae really were in some type of school all of their lives. Now remember, that they learned to love learning at a very early age. They knew that life was a school in and of itself; and they hungered to know everything about life that they could possibly learn. This was how they advanced so rapidly. It was this knowledge that allowed them to live such long and happy lives.


But , the Wise Ones had done their work well with the young ones so that every step and phase of learning was fun. The parents were an active part of this learning. Each parent was specially trained to perfection in what her or she wanted to do for life. This is as it should be; for every individual should feel a part of the whole, and feel like they actively contributed to it. Not just doing what someone else wanted them to do, but in what they loved doing. Each class, and each phase of learning was taught by a person on Htrae, that loved that very special subject, and had become an expert in that particular field. And this is the way it was on Htrae.


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