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Do I Go Home Today?

Author Unknown but we would like to give credit!


My family brought me home, cradled in their arms,

They cuddled me and smiled at me, said I was full of charm.


They played with me, laughed with me, and showered me with toys,

I sure do love my family, especially the girls and boys.


The children loved to feed me, they gave me special treats,

They even let me sleep with them, all snuggled in their sheets.


I used to go for many walks, often several times a day,

They even fought to hold the leash, I'm very proud to say.


They used to laugh and praise me, when I played with that old shoe

But I didn't know the difference between the old ones and the new.


The kids and I would grab a rag, and for hours we would tug,

So I thought I did the right thing when I chewed the bedroom rug.


They said I was out of control and would have to live outside,

This I did not understand, although I tried and tried.


The walks stopped, one by one; they said they hadn't time,

I wish that I could change things, I wish I knew my crime.


My life became so lonely in the backyard on a chain.

I barked and barked all day long to keep from going insane.


So they brought me to a shelter, but were embarrassed to say why,

They said I caused an allergy, and then they said good-bye.


If I'd only had some classes when I was just a pup,

I wouldn't have been so hard to handle, when I was all grown up.


"You only have one day left," I heard a worker say.

Does this mean a second chance? Do I go home today?


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