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Author Unknown


T'was the night before Christmas and the shelter is dark,

The whole place is silent, not even a bark.


The dogs are all locked in their pens for the night.

The staff has gone home and turned out the light.


As I lay my head down on the cold concrete floor,

I fondly recall my home from before,


The family I loved, loved me right back,

We shared everything-- from secrets to snack.


Things couldn't be better than this time last year,

But that has all changed and now I am here.


I won't see the tree, the lights, or the snow,

I'm scared and alone, my spirits are low.


We're locked up in cells as if we were crooks,

We no longer have homes because of our looks.


Diesel and Bingo, and the puppy named Percy,

Once we were loved but now there's no mercy.




While families celebrate holiday cheer,

I know in my heart that our end is near.


The vet will arrive, the lights will go on,

And before the New Year, we'll all be gone.


You said without me, your life was not full,

But that was before they called me "PIT BULL".


In my dream Santa shouts when he's finished his deed,




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