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There are no circus acts today, no elephants to sway,
we cannot own a house pet. That was another day.
Now zoos and farms rest in past, rodeos are banned,
held hostage by Activists with a crafty plan.
Police dogs, herders, hunters, service for the blind,
no longer may assist us. “THEY ARE SLAVES”, Activists cry!

Their agenda forced upon us, it was not long ago
God named man the caretaker and love on all bestowed.
Eggs and cheese are not for us, nor coats of fur or wool,
no leather shoes, no circus acts, parades, or kennel shows.
We cannot eat chicken, beef. We bow to sacred shrines,
no hotdogs, ice cream, butter, milk. IT’S CALLED ANIMAL RIGHTS!

We MUST respect, pay homage to gentle creatures, dumb.
ALL souls have equal value NOW. The enemy has WON!
Indifferent to compassion and a bond so in demand,
they steal joyful childhood days with a hidden plan.
Through sterile isolation and lack of gentle touch
society tomorrow will soon be horror struck.
May you have a puppy? I am sorry, I must say
“There is nothing left for children to cuddle as they play.”


- E. K. (Katie) Gammill  About The Author


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