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Why dogs die quicker than humans when left in hot vehicles and what YOUR club can do to prevent such agonizing deaths in K-9 police cars and dog show vehicles.


Dogs don’t cry out as their body temperature soars. The dog fights death by trying to escape, then begins to succumb as his veins collapse, he goes into seizures and finally, mercifully, passes out and dies.


Dogs can’t beat on the windows or wave at people as the heat becomes deadly. Human babies and older children can scream for help; a dog dies silently in unimaginable agony. Surely his last thoughts are of his beloved owner, the person he would give his life for. And too often, he does, because he begged to “go” with you.


Among the worst statistics are show dogs and shockingly, police dogs. In July 2016 the air conditioning went off, temperatures climbed rapidly and 14 dogs died in a handler’s van at the South Bend Indiana dog show. Dog show people police each other’s motor homes but just last year, more than a dozen police dogs died from heat stroke while confined in overheated police cruisers while officers were busy saving human lives. Even so, it should never happen.  We call it vehicular slaughter and it should be a criminal offense!


It does NOT have to be that way. Here’s what you can do.


First, understand how quickly a dog can die when trapped in a vehicle and why heat kills dogs quicker than humans. Dogs can’t disperse heat through sweating. People can and the perspiration helps cool the body. The sad news is that your dog has only about 5% of his body surface that is capable of releasing heat – his mouth and tongue. Note that children have less body surface area which is why a child will succumb to heat stroke faster than an adult. Here's what happens in a hot car...


The car overheats, the A/C and/or the engine shuts down. It doesn’t take a mechanic to understand how that happens. Some squad cars are equipped with alarms that go off when the vehicle reaches dangerous temperatures or the engine shuts off. The problem is not enough police cars are equipped with the temperature alarm system.


Everyone who carries a dog knows that engines can shut off or A/C units can fail but police officers may be away from the squad car too long. If human lives are at stake, the job comes first and we are thankful for that. The quandary is that being left in the car puts the police dog’s life at high risk.


That is why police departments are struggling to get temperature alarms installed.


TheDogPress knows you want to help dogs and that you support your local law enforcement. Winter is a societal “cooling off” period but this summer may see even more riots and only the police (or your trained guard dog and a firearm) stand between you and mob violence.


Solution. Organize a donation drive to help purchase squad car heat-alert systems. At present, the cost is roughly $1,000 per unit, installed.


If the manufacturers received free NetPlaces Network coverage and promotion as part of a national movement to honor the police and their canine partners, that price could be much lower. It is a strong incentive and we will make sure they get copies of this article AND the follow up which will list the dog clubs that join the Heat Alarms For K-9 Police Project.


If your kennel club or obedience training club takes on this heat-alarm project for local sheriffs and police departments, bulk discount pricing will become available. That’s doing your part but you can take advantage of bulk pricing for your motor home or dog van.


Here’s the bottom line and the top of the thermometer!


If the outside temperature is over 70 degrees on a sunny day, temperatures inside a vehicle can rise to over 110 degrees in less than 30 minutes. Higher and quicker if the air conditioning wasn't running with the windows closed. Picture it.


Heat alarms will dramatically reduce heat stroke statistics for the hundreds of family pets, police and service dogs that die trapped in steel ovens.


The American Kennel Club supports this initiative for breed and kennel clubs.  “K-9 officers play a valuable role in helping keep our society safe. This fundraiser is a great way for any organization to get involved in their community by helping their human officers keep them safe in times of extreme temperatures.” Brandi Hunter,  Vice President, Public Relations and Communications


Present this to your club members at the next meeting. It's never too soon to begin contacting your local and state police commissioners, and rallying local business support for the Police Dog Alarms. Let us know and we’ll add your club name to the list of caring dog clubs that support this Project!



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